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The Truth Is, Everyone Loves Free Stuff

2017 September 8
by Raffle Tickets

The truth is everyone loves free stuff. And not only that, everyone likes surprises. So logically, the two of those together would basically be heaven on earth. This essentially has to be the mentality when fundraising using an almost full-proof method, raffle tickets. Raffle tickets are not only timeless but it’s also a method that is used by almost any sort of organization or institution.

Name any sort of organization in regards to fundraising, and I can almost guarantee that raffle tickets have been used. Why is that? Well, raffle tickets are quite inexpensive for the cost of the consumer. Basically, it’s like the lottery, you put a little in and have the chance of having an outcome greater than what you initially started with. With that being said, there are some drawbacks, since a lot of people enter raffles that diminishes the chance you have for winning which is why people usually enter more than once.
Overall, however, the pros outweigh the cons.

Now the question being proposed is how businesses can utilize raffle tickets for their benefit. Benefit here means increasing not only the amount of customers but the amount of customers who will continually shop from their business. Obviously, the first step would be to have raffles, but I think what businesses are missing is on having raffles regularly. This doesn’t mean having a raffle every week but just having them consistently enough so that way consumers can become more interested in not only the raffle but hopefully the business or retailer as well. With that being said, every prize for the raffle does not have to be the biggest and most expensive but just something that will peak the consumer’s interest.

Next step in the key to success on raffles is after having consistent raffles, have one grand prize raffle once in a while. Now for retailers and business that may have a lot of revenue this could be something as big as an all paid-for vacation or for smaller businesses this could be one of the more expensive items that you sell or one that a lot of customers tend to buy or even a gift card to the store. Another option would be to hold raffles that will benefit the community, a community raffle would get people, i.e. consumers, involved and talking. Although the initial input may seem great on the part of the business the amount of revenue that will be generated by such raffles will far outweigh the costs because a lot more people will become interested. By doing this, not too often so as not to go bankrupt, you increase the amount of consumer interest in both the company and products being sold.

Finally, once the above steps are done everything will just start to work itself out. When consumers start to see the thought that retailers and businesses put into customer satisfaction and service they will start to come more and more. And when that happens, they will begin to tell others about the company and all the great things they are doing. Thus, more and more people will start to flock to the business and it will continue to grow and grow. And imagine, this all started from just a raffle ticket drawing!

Many Benefits of a Raffle Fundraiser

2017 September 5
by Raffle Tickets

There are many benefits to a raffle fundraiser. Perhaps its greatest appeal is its ability to raise awareness for a cause. Raffles are an excuse to draw people together. Be it the sellers or the buyers, all are united with reason. People love to feel empowered and raffles can endow such. Even if the raffle ticket has a small-suggested donation most people will feel as if they made a difference. That in itself is a powerful asset. To motivate and encourage people is to captivate them. When one does such, they can lead those buyers to carry out other good deeds. If people can feel a connection, they will come back and help in years to come, establishing a base of support fundamental to an organization’s success.

To maximize ticket sales, sellers and fundraiser operators must highlight what it is the fundraiser is for. If potential buyers can connect with one’s message, people will feel moved to make a difference. Inspiring others is priceless. So, in selling tickets, keep the pitch simple. People hate to be confused. With raffle tickets you want to capture attention and quickly draw light upon one’s cause. So many different raffle fundraisers permeate the market, so sales depend upon how well seller’s can convey their purpose, their mission, but most especially passion.

After the charity’s/organization’s mission, the next most important element to sales is the selection of prizes. Intriguing prizes encourage and stimulate ticket sales. Money is a huge draw. 50/50 (split the pot) raffle tickets sell so well because of the way in which the customers are incorporated into the action. The purchasers of tickets are made to feel as if they are a part of the party. That is so important because a significant feature of society is the need to feel included. Cash prizes are also influential because they function to fund innumerable dreams.

With that said, cash prizes are not always a viable option. For charities and nonprofits it is sometimes easier and more effective to solicit donations for a ticket’s prize lineup. In that case, before soliciting for donations, know what you are looking to receive. In other words, watch TV. Watching news programs and commercials is enlightening. Television essentially has tunnel vision, only that of the most importance makes the cut. Watching TV, one can see that at this point, hot ticket items revolve around tablets, smartphones, football, food, and cars. Play to a buyers liking. In my experience, iPads, autographed sports memorabilia and Costco gift cards have been especially helpful in selling tickets. Raffle tickets are successful in part because they offer their buyer an opportunity to walk out with more than they bought in for. The proper mix of passion, purpose, and prize can stir almost any heart to donate.

Equally important as the buyer is the seller. Volunteers must have proper motivation. Cutting sellers/volunteers in on the profits from the ticket sales, or offering top sellers prizes is a wonderful way to encourage sales volume. With that said, I do not believe it is the most effective or efficient method. The proceeds are being raised for a good cause and charities/non profits look for volunteers who share that passion. Money and prizes are material goods with merely extrinsic reward.

As great as those possessions may be, the euphoric effects are short-lived. Life boils down to the fulfillment of intrinsic needs. Humans want to feel honorable and content with themselves. They want to feel fulfilled. That is why we fall in love, cherish stories of triumph over tribulation, and cheer for the underdog. With that in mind, the best way to encourage volunteers is to offer top sellers the ability to sponsor and volunteer at events. To define sponsor, say for example that your charity helps throw parties at a hospital for sick children. Offer your top seller the opportunity to be the honorary volunteer (the sponsor of the party). Explain to the children that it is this gentleman or lady (the top seller) who made this hospital party possible.

Alternatively, offer all volunteers/sellers the opportunity to work the party and interact with the children they are raising the money for. The passion these volunteers gain, by lending a face to the mission they fight for, helps those volunteers sell tickets. The volunteers’ passion for the cause will seep through their sales pitch. Regardless of what industry one is in, potential customers are far more likely to make a purchase from a person passionate about their work as opposed to someone who half-heartedly peddles goods. It is these actions of recognition, of gratitude, that best resonate with humans.

There is nothing more satisfying than knowing a) you made a difference and b) you are appreciated. Prizes are impersonal but memories can last forever.

Your Church Can Maximize the Sales of Raffle Tickets

2017 September 2
by Raffle Tickets

Creating lasting relationships and helping others really gives meaning to life. Since building a connected community is an integral goal of any church organization, we should all strive as a group to find new and innovative ways to bring ourselves together and motivate others to get involved. This is one of the reasons that I believe having raffles can be a valuable tool when it comes to increasing community participation and nurturing that creative spark.

One constructive way a church could maximize the sales of raffle tickets would be to offer a percentage of the raffle sales to the top sellers to donate to the charity of their choice. This humanitarian cause, while helping others, would give participants a reason to feel supportive of the cause. It would get the right people involved who want to support both their church and those in need. In addition to providing encouragement to reach others, it would also get the name of the church out in the community.

The raffle itself could be a ticket to an event where admittance enters the ticket holder into a prize drawing. Local businesses are often happy to support charitable causes by offering gift cards. This would excite people about the prospect of getting a tangible gift while bringing more business to the companies. The meat of the raffle event itself is definitely important to selling the idea. While serious activities are plausible, things like plays and concerts, I think having a fun and involved event would be more family oriented. I like the idea of hosting a carnival style event with different games and stations around the building. Having various activities throughout the church would hold peoples interest and give the opportunity for all ages to find enjoyment.

Another potentially colossal tactic for increasing exposure would be to host youth group volunteer events where the youth have the audience of the community. For example, putting on a concert at a local park or providing a free car wash gives the opportunity to offer a raffle event to people. Being able to present oneself as a charitable organization will inevitably attract other charitable individuals who also strive to be a part of a larger effort.

As far as where the proceeds would best be utilized, I’m fond of the idea of using it to uplift parts of the community most in need. That being said, it should be used to reach out to the youth in underprivileged neighborhoods. One of the most constructive investments we can make is in insuring our youth are set in the right direction and giving them positive influences. Sometimes all that is needed to inspire hope is to give the kids somebody to look up to. While this would establish the opportunity for members to act in leadership positions leading different youth group activities, it would more importantly help keep kids off the streets and away from gangs.

While there are people all over that differ in many ways, we are all in this together. For this reason it is to all of our benefits that we work as one to create the community we would like to live in. Raffle events can be an effective tool for bringing more mindfulness to society. They can be used to foster inspiration and build a better world. All it takes is a little imagination.

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