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Raffle Tickets to Promote Your Business

2014 September 11
by Raffle Tickets

Kids and adults alike feel a thrill at the announcement of a raffle. Toys! Gift Cards! Electronics! Free stuff! If the cost of ticket is reasonable for the prizes offered, you’ll find a wide array of people scrambling to win. For small businesses, a raffle could draw customers in- initially for the prospect of garnering free trinkets, but then developing a curiosity in the institution it derived from. For larger and more well-known companies, a raffle gives the corporation a fun aspect as well as helps retain customer loyalty.

In today’s world powered by technology, innovation, and a “What’s best for ME?” attitude, a raffle is a great marketing tactic. Psychologically, people are quick to enter contests because it means they have a shot at fortune in a single stroke. We hear of more and more awards by the prize sponsor through newspapers, TV, and magazines- and one can’t help but picture the glamour of an all-expenses paid trip to the Bahamas just by entering in a drawing. We have all heard stories of those who were near foreclosure, yet were able to recover their homes and buy a new car the next week thanks to a prize lottery winning. These stories give people hope and make us think, “That could be me!”

Because there is a lot to win in a relatively easy way, news of a raffle spreads fast through media and word of mouth alike. For a business small or large, this is an excellent marketing strategy. Contests like this keep the customers engaged and serve as a connection between consumer and distribution- a more intimate and charitable side of the company. Long time and satisfied customers will feel that they made the right choice with such a fun and spontaneous business, and new customers will be pleasantly surprised with the opportunities to win. Not only this, but raffles are a surefire way to draw in a new crowd. Family, friends, and family friends are likely to tell spread word of a contest, attracting an interest in at first the raffle but then the company behind it.

As I said, modern society is extremely innovative, engaged, and driven by productivity and a motivation to succeed. No longer are the days where raffles once offered things like a free steak dinner, today’s citizens want things that will put them at the front lines of technology- like a brand new car or a tablet- or a prize that can help them escape the fast-paced environment, such as a tropical vacation. Offering things along these lines as prizes no doubt would boost customer loyalty and retention because consumers will not want to miss an opportunity to cash in big virtually free of charge.

Raffles are no longer just for local non-profit benefits or parish picnics. They are a brilliant stroke of marketing genius that can be a source of revenue for a company as well as draw in new customers, garner public interest, and keep the loyal customers that you know and love.

Creating Great Non-Profit Websites

2014 September 2
by Raffle Tickets

Quality web design and maintenance can be pricy. Therefore it’s not surprising that when building websites non profit and charity organizations often come up lacking in both design and features. By necessity, these organizations provide a minimal budget for advertising purposes – including website design and hosting. However, with a few creative solutions, non profit websites can be just as dynamic as those of mega corporations.

There are a variety of free or low cost website hosting options available. Many of these offer simple template design, or optional software (WYSIWYG) that allows someone with no HTML skills to easily design an entire website. Although this solves the problem of actually getting the site online, it doesn’t help to make the most of it. These inexpensive websites are often built by volunteers or clerical employees of the non profit organization. As these people are not necessarily webmasters or marketing and IT pros, the resulting websites may lack functionality or basic user-friendly design.

If you are charged with the responsibility of designing a website for a non profit organization, here are a few simple tips to help you design a great website.

Encourage Volunteerism and Donations

Because promotion is the entire point of websites, non profit organizations need to promote their cause. Naturally this means putting a lot of information on your website. However, it doesn’t matter how much you emphasize the importance of the cause if you don’t give people a way to do something about it.

If you don’t have a payment system on your non profit website, a simple PayPal donate button can be added easily and costs nothing (your charity will need a PayPal account, however). Make sure your donation button isn’t buried among graphics and text. It should be predominant on the home page, and available on every page of the site. Leave bit of blank space around it to make it stand out. Place a link to a page of information about the good things you’ve done with donations near the button. Hesitant donors will want to see where their money is going.

Your website home page should also predominantly feature a link to a page on information on volunteering. It’s a good idea to include a little info about volunteer programs on the home page, but give this section is own page as well. In addition to the contact address or form, include detailed information about the benefits of volunteering and the requirements for volunteers. If they have came to your non profit website, they already have an interest in helping. However, people want to know what they are signing up for in advance.

Make Your Non Profit Website User Friendly

Even people who support your non profit organization won’t stay on your website long if it’s difficult to use. Make sure navigation is clear, and every page is accessible. Keep graphic sizes to a minimum. This is often a cause of slow websites – non profit and charity websites typically post a lot of pictures. While this can be quite effective in winning support, they load slowly. Use thumbnails linked to larger photos, and if you have a lot of pictures include a photo gallery page. People will expect this page to load slowly.

Ascetic appeal is important in websites and non profits are no exception. Use a consistent, pleasing color theme. Give your websites the same color scheme as your non profit’s logo if you have one. This aids in recognition.

Keep Your Content Relevant

Relevant content is one of the main requirements for successful websites, non profits included. Post as much information about your organization as you can. Include history, successes, current projects and future plans. Often, non profit organizations are considered potential scams, and people want to verify your credibility before donating time or money.

Include links on your website to news articles, award won, and affiliations. When people can go to another website and see mention of your non profit they believe you are for real. Success stories, statements from members, and details of current/future plans also helps prove credibility.

For anyone building websites non profit or commercial, the most important thing is maintenance. Provide a webmaster link and pay attention to problems as well as suggestions. If it’s not right, keep making advertisements. Even professional webmasters rarely get it right the first try. Constant evolution and improvement is the single most important ingredient in great websites, non profit or otherwise.

For more information visit Websites Non Profit.

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Your Organization Profits With a Raffle Fundraiser

2014 August 29
by Raffle Tickets

In this time and day non-profit organizations rely mainly on fundraisers to help cover the cost of expenses. These non-profit organization can get the most out of any fundraiser by having a raffle fundraiser.
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A raffle brings in opportunities to give donated items to a person that buys Raffle tickets and wins a drawing. However if the company wants to bring in as much customers as they can to sell raffle tickets they will need prizes that are worth the money to spend on tickets. These items can be donated items or antique items. What ever the type of prize items an organization decides to put up for raffle it needs to be worth it. Have someone donate a TV, I once had a church member donate an old truck.

Non- profit organizations can also maximize the cost of raffle tickets at the beginning of the fundraiser then slightly lower the cost of tickets given people the opportunity to see a price decrees and buy tickets, everyone likes a good sale so why not apply that to tickets. Another important part of a fundraiser is loyal and trustworthy volunteers. There are several ways to motivate volunteers to sell more tickets and one of those ways is to offer prizes to the volunteers too. Such as offering the top seller of raffle tickets a prize or gift card. However the volunteer prize can not exceed the value of the fund-raising prizes. Volunteers need to be motivated to do a good job since they will not be getting paid for their time.

A profitable Raffle Ticket Fundraiser can bring in lots of benefits and money depending on how many raffle tickets were sold.