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Advertising and Promoting Your Business With a Raffle

2017 May 11
by Raffle Tickets

In order for a business to attract customers it must advertise what it has to offer. Promoting a company with methods such as billboards, television advertisements, and radio advertisements, are a great way to gain awareness. However, attention receive from these promotional methods do not ensure customer loyalty. These methods simply imply that a business does exist and is selling goods or services. The knowledge of a business’s existence and services does not always promise an increase in sales or customer regularity. In order to convince clients to choose your business you have to appeal to them in new and exciting ways.
Advertise Bussines With Raffle

One could suggest that with the increase in advertisements, sales will increase, and by extension, without the appropriate amount of advertising, sales will decrease. It is clear that there is a correlation between the two. However, correlations do not successfully explain cause and effect. If one were to follow the correlation ideology one would draw the conclusion that advertising in general will boost both customer regularity and sales. This is simply not the case; successful advertising does not focus primarily on letting people know you exist. A business must draw the public in by using different methods to create public interest.

The best way for local businesses to advertise and create clientele is to appeal to the public in a friendly manner. One method of doing this would be raffle tickets. Raffle tickets have commonly been used by charity organizations and businesses. This is due to the fact that it is a cheap and effective method to directly communicate with the public and gain their interest. Raffling off goods can in turn show the public what you have to offer. It is a hands on approach to advertising that will create a closer relationship between your business and the public. My favorite example of this is my local gun shop, they raffle of a gun every once and awhile and it gets the community talking. If someone can spend 20 dollars to get the chance to win a 1000 dollar rifle it’s a no brainer. This brings in revenue from the raffle and it also brings people in to see what they have in stock. It also creates a more communal environment.

Raffling gets the community talking about your business and draws in new customers. There are no limitations to the use of raffling to promote customer regularity and/or sales. If you are selling baked goods you could raffle off tickets for a free customizable cake. The revenue from the raffle may even pay the expenses for your services. If you own a massage business you could raffle off a free massage. Even if you own a business where offering free services is difficult you could raffle off something like a barbeque grill. This will create a chance for you to talk to new people and create potential customers. For example if you own a construction company you may be able to convince the winner of the raffle that they need a new patio to put under their new grill. If they don’t want a new patio it’s not a big deal, they will more than likely spread the word about your company.

In conclusion raffling is an advertising method that offers revenue while you advertise. With other advertising methods all you do is pay and hope people show up. This hands on approach will ensure public participation in your advertisement endeavors. While giving current customers something to talk about and expand your clientele. It will also create an environment in which customers feel more involved with your business.

A Youth Sports Organization Can Greatly Benefit From Holding a Raffle Fundraiser

2017 May 7
by Raffle Tickets

A youth sports organization can greatly benefit from holding a raffle fundraiser. Not only will it allow for recognition of the program but it also would work to raise money for them. To have a successful raffle fundraiser you need some key components: a good location, the right prizes, and motivated sellers. For my example, I will be using a local middle school boys basketball team.

The best place for a group like this to conduct their raffle is actually at a basketball game in the local area, like the high school varsity team’s game. By doing the raffle here, the team already found a group of people supportive of the idea of basketball, which will help them to increase their sales of tickets. Also to help maximize profits, the best items to raffle off are items given to the program by donation. This way, the raffle items will not deduct from the profit of the raffle itself. Anything you can get from the local area, like gift cards, sports memorabilia, local high school/university fan wear, would work for the raffle because those are things people would be interested in winning. Also when selling the tickets, encourage the idea of buying more tickets. To do this, offer for example 1 ticket for $5 and 5 tickets for $20. If people believe they are getting a good deal, they are more inclined to buy the 5 tickets instead.

Another important factor when it comes to having a successful raffle is having willing and hardworking raffle ticket sellers and by making sure your audience knows about the raffle. This can be achieved in a few ways. At the venue of the high school varsity basketball game this can be easily done. To make sure everyone is aware of the raffle, announce the idea of the raffle over the gym sound system before the game and during the half time saying you will be selling the tickets for these to prizes to help raise money for the local youth basketball program and that you will be doing the drawing at the end of the third quarter.

When you begin selling tickets you need both stationary and mobile sales places. Have volunteer parents and coaches from the program set up both a stand near the admissions gate and near the concession stand. This way when people are entering and getting food they have the opportunity to buy tickets. For the people already in the stands, have the players from the program energetically and happily walk around the stands before the game, during quarter time out, and half time to sell tickets. To motivate them to sell tickets, give them the incentive that the top two sellers get a prize, either new Nike socks or something of that sort. The incentive of winning something will encourage them to try and sell more than everyone else. Make sure the players are well rehearsed in what to say to the people they are trying to sell the tickets to; they need to say how they are doing this raffle to help raise money for their local youth basketball program and how it might benefit them: new uniforms, more games, new equipment or goals, or a tournament. When people know that by participating in the raffle it is helping their local youth and how, they are more inclined to buy tickets.
With the right venue, prizes, and plan of attack, running a raffle fundraiser can be very beneficial for a youth program like this one. It not only can help raise money for the program, but also help gain recognition for the program.

The Most Vital Factor for Fundraising Are the “Fund-Raisers”

2017 May 4
by Raffle Tickets

Throughout all of history we all know money is necessary for surviving. Commuting, eating daily meals, bills and the roof over your head all cost money. In today’s times, living with luxuries can be costly: which is why it is even pricier to maintain a non- profit organization. This unfortunate position is what makes leaders have to come up with low-cost and convenient ways to raise money for their cause. A good way to fundraise is to hold raffles because they are fast, cheap, and convenient.

Non- profit organizations, such as congregations and sports teams, have needs in order to keep them running. Fundraising becomes important because in most cases, money is a limited factor. Naturally, raffles seem like a good idea because the only expense would be purchasing the actual tickets. Organizations could simply ask for donations such as clean instruments or functional electronics and then raffle them off. Having good prizes (donated or bought) would increase ticket sales: mainly because most people like interesting prizes, the thrill of a “game of chance” and winning.

The goal of raffle fundraising is to sell all the raffle tickets, in order to gain enough profit. The key to maximizing ticket sales is to take full advantage of opportunities to sell tickets. Location is crucial: selling at grocery stores, city events, and schools can easily increase the number of tickets purchased. It is also important to sell tickets at the right price (not too cheap and not too expensive). In addition to, holding the raffle long enough to ensure that the majority of tickets are sold. Last but not least, it is a good idea to remind buyers that they are giving for a good cause because it gives off a sense of accomplishment knowing that they did something noble and moral.

The most vital factor for fundraising are the “fund-raisers.” Driven salesmen are what get crowds encouraged to buy what they are selling. It is said that attitudes are contagious, so motivated attitudes motivate and slow attitudes slow. This is why it is important to keep sellers on the team motivated. Remind your team that all the work focused on fundraising is all for the good cause. Planning is always a good habit, which is why it is a good idea to set up meetings to check on the progress of sales and job duties. Setting goals can also motivate sellers to working harder. Another optional method is to offer a gift certificate to the “Top Seller.”

Raffle fundraising is an easy way to raise money for non- profit organizations. Raffles are easy to hold and cheap to have. Ideas for good prizes can be working electronics or instruments in good condition. In order to sell enough tickets, organizations have to consider the locations on where to sell, the price and the time- length of the raffle. However, the key to a successful raffle fundraiser is to have a motivated and driven team of sellers and promoters. Overall, non- profit organizations should have raffle

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