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Your Organization Profits With a Raffle Fundraiser

2014 August 29
by Raffle Tickets

In this time and day non-profit organizations rely mainly on fundraisers to help cover the cost of expenses. These non-profit organization can get the most out of any fundraiser by having a raffle fundraiser.
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A raffle brings in opportunities to give donated items to a person that buys Raffle tickets and wins a drawing. However if the company wants to bring in as much customers as they can to sell raffle tickets they will need prizes that are worth the money to spend on tickets. These items can be donated items or antique items. What ever the type of prize items an organization decides to put up for raffle it needs to be worth it. Have someone donate a TV, I once had a church member donate an old truck.

Non- profit organizations can also maximize the cost of raffle tickets at the beginning of the fundraiser then slightly lower the cost of tickets given people the opportunity to see a price decrees and buy tickets, everyone likes a good sale so why not apply that to tickets. Another important part of a fundraiser is loyal and trustworthy volunteers. There are several ways to motivate volunteers to sell more tickets and one of those ways is to offer prizes to the volunteers too. Such as offering the top seller of raffle tickets a prize or gift card. However the volunteer prize can not exceed the value of the fund-raising prizes. Volunteers need to be motivated to do a good job since they will not be getting paid for their time.

A profitable Raffle Ticket Fundraiser can bring in lots of benefits and money depending on how many raffle tickets were sold.

School Raffles

2014 August 25
by Raffle Tickets

One of the most common and probably the oldest kind of fund raising activity is the raffle. Raffles are fun and enjoyable other than being totally effective. It involves ticket raffle sales, drawing of the ticket numbers and winning items that are either donated or sponsored.

Usually, for simple raffles, the winnings or the prizes are donated by good hearted individuals who have sincere sympathy towards the school and the students. These are usually the parents, stake holders and the alumni of the school. The donated items which are to be the prizes of the raffles may vary. It could be as cool as a Macintosh Laptop or as mundane as an electric oven toaster.

For these kinds of raffles, tickets may be sold for as cheap as a dollar. By selling volumes of tickets this cheap, the school may actually be able to raise funds as much as 2,000 dollars. That is assuming you are only able to sell two hundred tickets. Of course the number of tickets sold could depend on how many prizes there are to be won and how cool each of these prizes is.

There are times when large sums of money are required to be raised. For these, you will require a more valuable prize. Cars, motorcycles and even paintings from up and coming contemporary artists could be given away as prizes. Obviously, these items are either donated to the school for the raffle by alumni members or sponsored by good hearted companies.

For these kinds of raffles, you could sell tickets for as high as a hundred dollars depending on the value of the prizes. You won’t expect high sales from ticket prizes this high but you are sure to raise a lot more funds if the prizes are as expensive. You might actually be able to raise enough funds to construct new classrooms if not a new building.

It’s rare to have school raffles with really expensive prizes. But when it does, you can expect to raise large amounts of funds that could be put to good use.

Raffles, on the side of the people buying raffle tickets, could be considered a healthy and fun game of chance. But to the school and its members, this is a good and effective way of earning the much needed financial help in a short amount of time. As long as the information campaign for the school fundraising activity is disseminated properly, you could expect much results quickly.

If you are trying to come up with a great idea on raising funds for the school, then you should consider benefit raffles.

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Why A Non-Profit Fundraiser Should Use Google Plus for Promotion

2014 August 21
by Raffle Tickets

In today’s world of media and technology, social networking plays a major role in an event’s promotion. Hence, many event organizers now invest a lot in Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and similar other sites, hoping for the highest returns in the long run. However, Google+ is a new addition to this list and has been proved incredibly helpful for non-profit fundraising. Here, we have come up with a few simple tips that will help you reap the fruits of success by promoting your non-profit fundraising in Google+.


Presence on the Google+ Platform

As a veteran in this field, I have always believed that visibility on a social media platform matters a lot. Your presence on the Google+ platform opens up a myriad of opportunities to connect with like-minded people from various parts of the world. Hence, this platform offers you enough opportunity to establish personal connections. It helps you decide

Try to Expand Your Network

Most of the people in Google+ simply mouse over your name instead of entering the profile at the very beginning. It helps them find your mutual friends and many of them put you in their circle based on that. Hence, you must try to extend your network by adding as much people as possible in your circle. With a large number of people in your circle, it becomes easier for you to spread the message of your non-profit fundraising to maximum audience.

Experiment with Circles

Google+ helps non-profits to stay focused, essentially on the relevant groups. It helps you reaching out to a larger audience, even without spending a lot of time looking for them. For example, you have made a fundraising video, which you want to be viewed by your board members. Google+ allows you to post it directly in a group composed of your board members only.

You can also add your board members, development committee, donors, and any other staff from the non-profit industry in your circle.

Accessing Video Chat for Promotion

Google has always been popular for its excellent video chatting features. You must know that video chatting is more personal than email discussion lists or even Skype calls. This is because, going personal has a lot of potential for non-profit fundraising. Face-to-face interaction often helps you making positive impact on the person you are chatting with.

Try out these tips to make your next non-profit fundraiser a grand success in no time.

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