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3 Ways to Make Your Fundraiser More Successful

2013 November 22
by Raffle Tickets

Fundraising has become an indispensable component of schools, sports teams, churches, and other community groups. The need for fundraising is more important than ever before. As we bind together to join a common causes and initiate program to raise money for causes, we have to find new and exciting ways to get others to participate in our awareness and fundraising.


1. Recruit a good team of volunteers

It is very important that you create a good team for your fundraising. Not only will the work that they will perform have an effect on the fundraiser but it will also affect the functionality of the entire team. Your team is the heart and soul of your fundraiser so treat them with gratitude, respect and honor. Find individuals that are driven, motivated, and share the same vision as you do. Talk to them, learn their interests, discover their strengths and weaknesses, and then put them in the best qualified positions to ensure they are happy and performing at their full potential. Volunteers want simple and direct tasks. Sometimes, it’s as simple as asking someone to distribute popcorn at a movie fundraiser. Other times, if someone is good at math, you’ll ask a volunteer to manage the petty cash box for raffle tickets. Whatever job you assign to your volunteer, make sure they fully understand the role and what is needed from them.

2. Get the word out about your fundraiser

Advertising your event and encouraging others to support your cause is vital to your fundraising efforts. Tell your friends, your neighbors, your parents, your friends on Facebook, the cashier at the grocery store and your bank teller. If others identify with your goals and decide they want to share in your efforts, they will be willing to dig into their wallets and offer financial support. Always have supporting documentation on hand to give to a potential supporter to let them know the time and location of your fundraising event. Use social media streams like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to announce your fundraising efforts. Include a way for your visitors to contact you and share in your efforts via blog posts, comments and “donate to this cause” buttons. Give your supporters photos and statistics about previous year’s efforts and show your gratitude for their support.

3. Find creative ways to engage your participants

Because fundraiser involves people and support from those participants, many organizations have opted to use a prize wheel to increase participation and interactivity. When you’re joining a cause, everyone is interested in having fun. Prize wheels can be used as a door prize tool for simple give-away or ways to keep participants from leaving your event. It offers a way for participants to engage and get excited about getting something back for their participation in the fundraising efforts. For fundraisers that are in an intimate setting, you might consider using the baby or mini prize wheel. These prize wheels take up very little surface space but create a nice buzz when participants start winning prizes. For a fundraiser setting that is outdoors or a larger conference-type setting, you’ll want to get the 31″ standard prize wheel. Use any of the 12, 18 or adaptable prize wheels that are table top and floor model compatible. With all the prize wheels, you can customize your own prize wedges and print them directly from your printer. Easily slide in your prize wedge and you’re ready to start spinning the wheel.

Whether you are trying to raise awareness or funds for a cause, you’ll be very successful if you use a prize wheel. Prize wheels give you the unique flexibility to increase your participant’s engagement with your message and create an atmosphere of fun and excitement.

Brian Jardine is an accomplished creative director in Atlanta with unique ideas to promote excitement and interaction at any event. Find the perfect prize wheel to add to your meetings and events. With customizable and printable prize wedges, prize wheels make a smart, reusable investment.

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