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4 Tips For Making Non Profit Fundraising More Fun

2012 August 27
by Raffle Tickets

If you are the executive director, development director or the chair of a non profit organization’s development committee, then you may be scratching your head and wondering HOW to get your board, staff & volunteers more motivated about fundraising.

Remember, just because you have a worthy cause does not mean that people will choose to support it (and everyone has choices) if there is certain misery involved. Here are five tips to create more fun, and in turn, more funds.

1. Incorporate Music and Food – Always.

Not everyone loves music or food. However, MOST people do. Why? Although the reasons are many, one reason comes to the surface. People like to connect, and for thousands of years humans have experienced connection over a meal or through the sounds of music – both go beyond words. They tend to connect us at a heart and soul level.

Plus, beyond the analysis, it’s just fun. Here’s an example of the principle. I just finished pulling all my tax documentation together. Taxes and accounting are not my strength. In fact, (without sounding too negative), I hate it. However, by putting on music and having a nice cup of tea, the process actually was more fun. And, the fun went on for days and days.

2. Create Bite-sized Projects.

One of the biggest challenges for volunteers, board members and literally everyone is that we are all busy. As a result, when volunteers are asked to commit to fundraising for a cause (even if they care deeply about it), they likely will say no if the project feels too big or too overwhelming. Make it easy for them to say yes by identify elements or steps of a larger project in which individuals would be willing to take ownership.

3. Offer a Buffet of Interesting Choices.

Generally, people like the opportunity to choose – it gives us a sense of control, I think. In order to create more “buy-in”, allow volunteers control over their destiny in your organization. Identify three or four choices of projects or opportunities for them to contribute.

4. Use Delicious, Vivid Language.

Even if you’ve got a project that would not fall into the “interesting” category, use language to describe it that puts potential volunteers into a positive frame of mind. For example, which of the following projects would you rather sign up for?

Option 1: “[Organization Name] is seeking assistance in fundraising for our nonprofit organization.”


Option 2: “Do you have a few hours you can volunteer this month? Help us build our fundraising and continue to put smiles on the faces of the people we serve. Our organization has a number of meaningful volunteer opportunities to fit your availability and your interests!”

Depending on your organization, you can get even more delicious and vivid with the descriptions of how interested volunteers can contribute.

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