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A-B-C’s of a Raffle Fundraiser

2017 March 25
by Raffle Tickets

A).The first step is to establish a threshold for ticket prices. What is the highest amount that customers will be willing to pay for a raffle ticket? An organization can send surveys, interview, and do research to establish this threshold. Raffle ticket prices will also depend on the nature of the raffle, and the kind of prizes that are being given away. Obviously a raffle for a car will have higher raffle ticket prices than the raffle ticket price for a free gift card. Identify target markets, if there is a rich, upscale neighborhood somewhere, consider having your raffle there. One major contributor to increased ticket sales is adequate advertising, be sure that people know about your raffle. Utilize social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and your company website to help spread the word. Standard forms of advertising such as flyers work great as well. Finally, and this is simple but often overlooked, have pleasant and friendly people be in charge of selling raffles, a grouch can turn away potential purchasers of raffle tickets!



B). A large prize such as an automobile will definitely encourage ticket sales. Try working out an agreement with a local car dealership. Workplace perks raffle are interesting because they would allow the winner a certain perk such as an extra paid vacation day or a better parking spot. Gift certificate sales are typical, and basket raffles are a low cost raffle that is sure to turn a small profit. In these types of raffles a basket is filled with a number of prizes and other goodies for people of various ages and interests. A simple 50-50 raffle will always take in money. In these types of raffles, half of the money goes to a winner, and half goes to the organization. One drawback is that if there aren’t a lot of ticket sales, the winner won’t win a lot, nor will the organization itself make very much money.


C). There are a couple of ways to help volunteers sell more tickets. Perhaps for every certain number of tickets that they sell, they get a free raffle ticket that is in their name. Another way is to clearly indicate what the purpose of the fundraiser is for, and if it is for a good cause, emphasize this to help volunteers remember that their selling of tickets contributes to the greater good. Next set realistic and achievable goals, if a volunteer is expected to sell a larger than realistic number of raffle tickets, they may not try as hard. Incentive items such as vouchers or movie tickets can also motivate volunteers to sell as many tickets as they can. All of these things will help motivate your volunteers to sell more raffle tickets!

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