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A Raffle Tickets Primer – All You Need to Know

2012 January 12
by Raffle Tickets

Your school, church, team, organization has (smartly) decided to hold a raffle in order to raise needed funds.

You know you’re going to need tickets. That’s certainly obvious.

So when you get down to it, you essentially have three ways to print your needed tickets.

Let’s examine each one separately:

CHOICE 1: Maybe you’re considering saving money by printing your own tickets. There are several templates available online. But you might want to reconsider this method, mostly because your tickets will not be numbered.

That means you will have to write the numbers in one-by-one, sequentially. That’s a lot of work. Keep in mind that potential ticket buyers won’t feel comfortable purchasing a ticket that has hand written numbers. Let’s face it . . . it looks dicey.

The worst case scenario is having duplicate numbers, and thus you end up with two winners. Uh-oh!

CHOICE 2: Raffle ticket printing software is available. Prices will range from $25 up to $200. Once you buy the software you’ll be ready to print your raffle tickets. Sounds easy. But is it?

Raffle tickets should be printed on a heavy card stock. Are you able to print card stock with your home printer? If your home printer jams, you could end up with duplicate sheets and numbers. Another uh-oh (see above.)

Once your tickets have been printed, it’s not time to relax. You then have to cut the tickets and perforate all the stubs. One ticket software provider actually suggests that you use a sewing machine (!) to perforate the stubs and then take the ticket sheets to your friendly local printer to have them cut to size. Where are your savings now? It’s not a good idea to cut them by yourself as the stubs need to be uniform.

Finally, think about this: what’s to stop someone from using the same software and counterfeiting your tickets?

CHOICE 3: If you want to avoid all of the above drawbacks, inconveniences, and problems – have them printed professionally.

Chance are, you’ll save time (time that you can use devoted to ticket sales,) lots of aggravation, and even money.

To your success!

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