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Announcing: A New Kind of Raffle Ticket

2013 October 10
by Raffle Tickets

US Raffle Tickets Launches New Strip Ticket Website

Custom strip-tickets save money and boost fundraising revenues.

raffle strip-ticket

One of our fine sponsors, US Raffle Tickets, a leading producer of custom raffle tickets through is announcing the launch of a new website offering a unique raffle ticket format for non-profit fundraisers across the nation.

Organizations planning raffle fundraisers will be able to order custom printed raffle tickets in strip format quickly, easily, and at low cost on the new website. This uniquely formatted ticket is up to 50% bigger than standard raffle tickets that allow more room to display the organization’s raffle information as well as a larger customer receipt.

“We are simply responding to the needs and requests of our customers throughout North America when we designed this new configuration.” says Bruce Hassel, US Raffle Tickets president.

“What we have seen in testing this format is that organizations raise more money because people are more likely to buy the entire book instead of a single ticket.” Hassel claims.

The website, makes it very easy to order custom raffle tickets and features fast turnaround, free shipping, custom designs, and a choice of colors.

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