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Business Marketing Efforts Using Raffles

2016 March 22
by Raffle Tickets

The Internet, probably one of humanity’s greatest innovations, has had a profound impact on most of our lives. With the technological advancements that the world has been experiencing, it is evident that the power of the Internet is a helpful tool to each and every one of us. From the way we communicate and reach out to the people important in our lives, to the way we gather and collect information, and even to finding ways of entertaining ourselves, the Internet has truly changed our way of living. The business world is no exception to this ever-growing list of the aspects of our lives that the evolution of technology and knowledge has touched.


Due to the introduction of the Internet, the way that business is conducted has been changed vastly. With the rise of the popularity of the Internet all over the world, the method of business marketing was taken to a higher level – that is, with the aid of the Internet or through internet marketing. This new and advanced method of marketing, internet marketing, has opened greater opportunities to the business world. This has made businesses, both small and large, rethink their strategies in making their product or service known and allows for open communication with consumers.

Ordinary businesses have opted to market their products and services via the Internet. People’s rampant use of various social networking websites poses a great opportunity for businesses to branch out to people. Social networking websites, which are usually free to use, have millions of users worldwide. Though these social networking sites were originally created as a new means to communicate with other people and make new friends, businesses have found a great and clever way to incorporate this technology into the marketing process of disseminating information about their business, to make the company’s products and services more accessible to its customers.

Instituting a raffle system online to derive customer and promotional loyalty is a great tool for businesses to use. These businesses can use the Internet and social media to conduct these raffles and keep their customers interested and coming back for more. We live in the social media era, so therefore social media should be the top priority for businesses in today’s age. Most companies formulate the mistake of doing a lot of advertising on numerous different sites all at once. I feel a slower, smaller scale approach is more effective. It is best to focus on one campaign at a time such as holding a raffle/contest. Through trial and error you will find out which methods are highly effective. Advertising great prizes on popular social media sites can be highly effective for businesses. Holding raffles every month will keep the customers engaged in a world nowadays where people have short attention spans with so much information being fed to them at once.

The business will be able to reduce its marketing costs. Using raffles in business Internet marketing is an effective way to make a business known, meaning the business will not need to spend too much money on other marketing activities and strategies. Many people access the Internet – at any time and in any place – which enables Internet marketing to reach out to a vast audience. Thus, the information will be disseminated to a larger group of people with a wider coverage on location. The Internet has indeed changed the landscape of the business world. It had made the possibilities, for both the customers and business owners, virtually unlimited. So businesses need to use that to their advantage to incorporate their raffle system.

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