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How To Sell More Raffle Tickets for Your Fundraiser

2012 February 22
by Raffle Tickets

A lot of groups need help with selling raffle tickets because there isn’t much in the way of good ticket sales advice out there. So, here are some tips on how to sell raffle tickets that should double or triple your revenue.

Sales Targets

These are your target markets:

Family and friends

Neighbors and co-workers

General public

As you can see, the last group is by far the largest, so that’s where you need to focus your sales efforts. Don’t ignore the first two groups. They just need to be sold to face-to-face because it’s harder to turn someone down when they’re standing right in front of you.

Have the raffle tickets in hand when you ask for their support. Hand them a flyer listing all the prizes, the ticket price, and the particulars about the prize drawing. It should also prominently state why you’re raising funds.

Don’t over talk it. Just ask for their help and assume they are giving it. Use the assumptive close: “We need your help with our raffle fundraiser. How many should I count you in for?”

The key point is not to explain everything, let the flyer do that by putting it in their hand immediately. Your task is to make the sale quickly and you do that by assuming they have already said yes. They’ll either acquiesce and buy tickets or toss out a defensive objection that you can quickly counter.

Raffle Ticket Sales To General Public

The best place to sell lots of tickets is at high-traffic locations such as shopping centers, grocery stores, drug stores, home improvement stores, Wal-Mart, etc.

Get permission from the store manager ahead of time to set up a sales table outside the entrance. Pick times when there’s lots of shoppers and position your table so it’s easily seen as people approach the store.

Place signs in front of and behind the table explaining the reason you are raising funds and clearly stating the raffle ticket price. Example signage: “School Fundraiser Raffle – $10,000 Grand Prize”; “Help Us Buy New Playground Equipment.”

The purpose of the signs is to “pre-sell” people as they approach so they will be more receptive to your offer. Those who aren’t interested will avoid eye contact and hurry by, the rest are your prime prospects that you want to approach and hand the raffle flyer.

One more thing about selling raffle tickets. It’s all in how you present the raffle opportunity. It’s actually quite similar to any fundraising product sales pitch.

There are three main points:

1 – Explain why you are raising funds

2 – Ask for their help to meet your goal

3 – Use the word “because” with your call to action

So, let’s look at an example raffle ticket sales pitch for a school fundraiser.

We’re doing a raffle to raise funds for new playground equipment for our school.

Can you help us meet our goal by buying a ticket because the prize is $10,000?

You don’t want to say too much about the raffle in your pitch. Groups always make that mistake.

You want to state a problem that you’re solving (need for new playground equipment), ask them directly for their help, and use the word “because” as a psychological trigger to get a positive response.

When using a sales table at a shopping center, do the same thing with your signage. Create pairs of signs that work together to make those three points.

If they have questions, then you explain details about the raffle prizes and how much fun the event will be. Remember, enthusiasm sells, so don’t wear yourself out trying to explain everything to every prospect. That’s why you use the signs and the sales pitch.

Raffle Tickets Summary

You can easily sell many more tickets by using the right approach. With friends, neighbors, and co-workers, it’s the assumptive close that works best.

With the general public, it’s all about leveraging high-traffic locations with sales tables, signage, and a two-sentence sales pitch. Use both of these sales strategies and you’ll double or triple your raffle ticket sales.


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