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How To Create Effective Non-Profit Websites

2012 April 9
by Raffle Tickets

The internet is a vital tool for any non-profit organization, because it allows them to release essential information to a mass audience. However, the limited money and additional requirements that non-profit organizations have can mean that effective web design is difficult. The sites cannot rely on inviting people in with fancy products, but instead need to engage people with their cause and inspire them to volunteer or donate. The following useful information can help when creating effective non-profit websites:


Almost every non-profit organization needs donations to sustain its services, and donating is a fundamental part of the site. The process needs to be very easy to do so that no donations, large or small, are excluded.

The link – The link to the donations pages will attract both new donors and existing ones. It needs to be the most prominent link on the page. Larger font, brighter color, eye-catching design, it doesn’t matter how you do this, as long as it allows people to help your cause.

The process – Once a person has decided to donate it is important that the next steps are as simple as possible. You might be tempted to try to find out more about your donator for marketing research or further contact purposes. However, it is important the donators don’t get bored during the process and leave. Just keep to one page which covers payment details, basic personal details, and maybe an option to receive further updates.

Volunteers – Some people are more able to donate their time than their money. Whether it’s volunteering to lend a hand, tips on steps they can take themselves, or big events they can get involved in, make it clear how they can help out.

Make your cause clear

Some non-profit websites make it hard to understand their purpose. Your website design should not assume visitors know anything about you.

Mission statement – If the meaning of your site is not clear from the name, it is helpful to include a mission statement underneath or near to it. The statement should be short, catchy, and instantly understandable.

Easy access to Information

Whether it’s for the media, donors, or general members of the public, getting information across about your cause or service is crucial.

Navigation - It should be easy to find, well written, and engaging. Split the key information into easy to read, easy to navigate chunks in a side bar or top panel.

Download - It is a good idea to create freely accessible, downloadable content. This could include media kits, images, or significant text.

Other tips

Before you begin the design process, have a clear idea in your mind what the purpose of the site is. Use this to influence and structure the content and layout of your site.

News - Having a news section about your organization or cause gives people a reason to keep returning to your site. Crucially, regularly updated content also makes a site rank higher with search engines.

Brand - Your website is a key part of your wider organization so it should tie in with the design of everything else. This will help to give it a professional trustworthy feel.

Interaction with potential donors and volunteers is vital to upkeep the work carried out by non profit organizations. Non-profit websites are cost effective and time efficient ways for groups to release their important message and get people involved.

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