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The Easiest Raffle Fundraiser of All – The 50-50 Raffle

2012 July 2
by Raffle Tickets

Do you need to hold a quick and easy fundraiser for your organization?

A 50-50 raffle is hands down the easiest fundraising raffle to organize. Non-profits and charities, large and small, should think about holding a 50-50 raffle fundraiser.

So what type of group should consider holding a 50-50 raffle?

• Church
• Sports Teams / Organizations
• Libraries / Civic
• Festivals
• Fire Departments
• and lots more!

While many larger non-profits may consider themselves above this type of fundraising, it can make a wonderful add-on to an existing event.

50-50 Raffle Ticket Sources

50-50 raffle fundraising tickets are the style of tickets that have two sections that both share a unique serial number. They come on a consecutively numbered double ticket roll. The seller keeps one half and the buyer gets the other half. Tickets can be quickly sold because there isn’t any name, address, or phone number to fill out.

What the Law Says

A 50-50 fundraising raffle is a game of chance. They are highly regulated in all 50 states. Each state, and sometimes each local jurisdiction, has their own rules. There are even a few states that forbid 50-50 raffles.

Don’t even consider planning a raffle until you understand all the rules and regulations involved. In most instances paperwork will have to be submitted and approved before you can hold a 50-50 raffle. But if your non-profit qualifies it is usually a simple process.

Click here for more state-by-state information on raffle laws.

Just Do It!

Fundraising with a 50-50 raffle is easy, fast, and makes good money time after time. Why not consider one for your nonprofit organization’s next fundraiser?

Let’s hear about your 50-50 raffle success. Click here.

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