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Even Non-Profit Organizations Can Gain From Raffles

2017 June 27
by Raffle Tickets

Many companies have products or services that customers will need a lot of over time. Raffle tickets can be given with each purchase a customer makes, giving them to win either a free service, product, or some other prize that the company deems fit and would be something the customer would like. In my experience, people get excited over raffles. The idea that you may win something large only by spending a small amount of money is a huge thing to them. Every year at the county fair, a Clydesdale foal would be put up for raffle and every year there were many entries to win that foal. I believe that if you add on to that excitement for winning a game of change with the tickets coming from something someone will buy anyways, it would give customers more reasons to buy from the company giving them that chance.

A very good example is Bing Rewards. I hear a lot from my friend about why they use Bing now over Google because Bing gives you points every day you use their search engine which can be put in to getting gift cards or entering to win some other prize. The chance of winning without putting too much extra effort into buying the tickets makes people want to try and keep coming back. Most people don’t enter raffles because they believe it is unfair and you’ll just end up throwing away money because other people will buy more tickets than them and have a better chance at winning. Taking away the risk of “wasting” money with them still getting a product or service is immensely important.

Imagine if Amazon were to offer an entry to win a flat screen TV with every purchase over a certain price. Or, on a smaller scale, an entry to receive free shipping with every purchase, no matter the price. Those are some things you may already hear being offered. It is a very reliable way to get customers interested. I, for one, would be interested in anything video game or tech related. Perhaps catering to each person’s individual preferences would also help. Many companies like Facebook or Google try to see what you like and offer you suggestions based on that. Learning algorithms are becoming a huge thing and could be put to very good use with everything.

Even non-profit organizations can gain from raffles. For something like a church, the people that come are more likely to give a donation. If you scale the number of entries or tickets with the donation so that you get a higher chance to win if you donate more, you may get a lot of donations. For something like a thrift shop, you could be given a ticket for every item you bring to donate or sell. Prizes would depend. Gift cards are always a good bet though it would have to be something that people use. Giving someone that doesn’t listen to music an iTunes gift card would be meaningless, for example.

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