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Fun Ways to Help With Your School’s Funding

2014 May 2
by Raffle Tickets

Finding enough money to keep a public school running is sometimes difficult, especially during the past few years of economic instability. Funding a school is tough if the costs for maintenance, salary, and supplies keep increasing. Luckily, some students and parents are more than willing to help with their schools’ funding.



When people talk about organizing a school fundraiser, one of the first things that come to mind is a bake sale. This tired, old idea may work, but you need to come up with something better than that. If you’re interested in helping out with your own school’s funds, here are a few fun yet effective fund raising ideas for parents and students of all ages.

Gift Basket Raffles

This is an interesting twist to the old standard in school funding events. While selling regular raffle tickets for single-item prizes are always good, raffling off prize packages with multiple items in them attracts more people. You can assign each class to bring one package for the raffle. You can assign a theme for each basket, or have each class come up with their own ideas.

A Cultural Food Fair

Teaching your children to be proud of their heritage and be respectful of other cultures is an important part of parenting. Introducing them to traditional dishes from your native state or country is a great way to get started. When organizing cultural food fair, you need to ask each student’s family to bring a traditional dish to sell at the fair. You can have the fair booths divided according to class and year level, or according to the places each dish originated from. Having someone on-hand to explain the history of the dish or having informative materials such as flyers or posters may make your food fair more educational and fun.

Art Sales

Organizing art sales is a great way to encourage students’ creativity while acquiring extra funding for school. You can pick the students’ best pieces from their art class for the sale, or have them come up with brand new pieces of art. Don’t force them to sell their original artwork, though. You can have art pieces scanned, printed, and framed for the sale. You can also use the artwork to create postcards, bookmarks, or greeting cards, which you can sell in bulk.

Game Night

Playing a traditional board game is a great way for families and communities to bond. Organizing a fun evening of games anyone in your community can attend for a small fee is a great way to boost your school’s funding while encouraging interaction with the family. Today’s tech-savvy kids may get bored with the old games, though, so you may want to consider throwing in a few video games into the mix. Just make sure the video games are age-appropriate and encourage the participation of multiple players.

When coming up with ways to earn funding for school, you should make sure it’s fun, educational, and profitable. Don’t go with plain bake sales or garage sales. You can brainstorm with teachers, the students, and other parents to come up with fresh ideas.

Amelia Roberts {Author} is an active faculty member who earns extra school funds through schools funding events.

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