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Fundraising Raffle Ideas – Easy As 1-2-3

2013 September 26
by Raffle Tickets

Are you looking for great fundraiser raffle ideas for your school club, student council or church youth group?  Here are three unique and profitable ways you can turn your fundraising raffle idea into a big win for everyone!


Remember, picking the right prize for your raffle is the foundation of your potential success.  Ideally, you want to get your prize donated, so put your effort into getting the best possible item(s) you can.

Score BIG, Expensive items:

  • Cars
  • Trips
  • Electronics
  • Jewelry

Try to get one of these items by talking to family and friends of people in your group.  Chances are, somebody you already know, has a business that can donate. A good rule of thumb is that the more expensive your prize is, the more you can charge for the raffle ticket and the longer amount of time you might need to sell tickets.

Gather A Collection Of Smaller, Less Expensive Items:

  • restaurant gift cards
  • movie gift cards
  • gift certificates for haircuts or other services
  • hotel packages

The advantage of taking this route is that many local business’s like to support local schools and clubs this way.  It’s a great way for them to advertise and do good at the same time.  Be sure to thank them publicly in your promotional materials.  Once you see what your group was able to collect, create a grand prize package deal, and if you have enough, you can even do a second and third prize package.  Raffle tickets may be less expensive, but try to sell volume.

Experiences Are Priceless:

You might also consider an experience.  An experience is priceless, something money can’t buy.

For instance, I would pay a lot of money on raffle tickets if I could sit in the grand stands with my son’s high school band.  And, I don’t mean next to the band, (I do that already), I mean, smack dab in the middle of the drum section.  I want to be in the action.

Bonus Fundraising Raffle Ideas:

  • Being a Drum Major for a performance
  • Riding in the homecoming parade
  • Punting the football or throwing the opening pitch
  • Being the school mascot
  • Consider approaching your local fire department and getting permission to raffle off a ride on a fire truck (Sometimes, the fire fighters will give you a tour of the firehouse and maybe even let you eat with them, as long as there are no emergencies)
  • If the mayor of your town is popular, why not see if he or she would be willing to host the winners for lunch at town hall
  • Have your group do a day of chores, yard work, or packing up someone’s house for moving

The Finishing Touches On Your Fundraising Raffle:

  1. Make sure your tickets look professional and are numbered
  2. Get lots of people to help sell
  3. Ask a parent or close family friend first.  It feels good to get a, “yes”, right away
  4. Price your tickets to reflect the “value” of your grand prize
  5. Sell more than one ticket to each person (maybe you can make a deal for three)
  6. Check your state laws on raffles (someone in your group probably has a family member who is an attorney, or ask your teacher for help)
  7. Handle your money carefully – remember, even though they are purchasing a ticket, they are supporting your cause.  People will want to know how much you raised
  8. Announce your winner so that your group has credibility for next year

This is just the tip of the iceberg of fundraising raffle ideas. Take your fundraising raffle to the next level and download an awesome FREE fundraising thermometer [] to post on your group’s website or fundraising page. Request the FREE catalogue at easy raffle fundraising ideas [] for even more ideas to present to your group. Annie Starr is a professional fundraiser and has helped thousands of volunteers raise more money for the groups, causes and charities they care about.

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