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Halloween Raffle – Scare Up Some Fundraising Profits

2013 October 18
by Raffle Tickets

Creating a theme can be a great way to do something creative with a raffle fundraiser. This can add more fun, more pizazz and even more ticket sales for your charity!


Often times themes are related to the prize. But if you are creative you can do all kinds of interesting themes.

Holidays are quite easy. You have a ready-made color scheme, images you can use for advertising and lots of other advantages. Thanksgiving and Christmas can be popular themes. So why would you even think of choosing a Halloween theme? First, it’s just a fun holiday! Witches, gouls, and goblins and get ready to raffle!

Seriously, though Halloween has its own advantages for a raffle theme. You can use the fun images of ghosts, scary looking fonts when designing the raffle ticket and of course orange and black. You can use a huge plastic pumpkin as the raffle drum. You can even do little “trick-or-treat” bags as secondary prizes.

One of the most important advantages is timing. You can make your raffle drawing either on Halloween or during the week before. If your groups is already having a party or fall festival you can do the give away there. If not, then there are other community events already scheduled that you could host the drawing. Just be sure and contact the organizers to make sure that doing your giveaway there is okay when using a third-party venue.

For schools, having the drawing in October has the advantage of giving families two full months to sell tickets. Whereas if you do the giveaway in September then that does not give enough time to sell tickets from the start of school. Other groups who need more time to sell tickets, especially for big value prize raffles, can start selling tickets in the spring, keep selling through the summer which is usually slow and then do the drawing in October.

The Halloween theme raffle timing also places the end of the fundraiser before the rush of year-end holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. Often there are way too many competing events during November and December. Your volunteer ticket sellers will be busy with other things and may neglect to sell tickets. So your volunteers will thank you for making the end of ticket sales before the end-of-year rush.

Overall, Halloween provides a fun theme that has great timing for the ticket giveaway. Have a great raffle!

Rebecca Lewis is a long-time volunteer fundraiser. She is a frequent writer for a site that provides a step-by-step system for nonprofits and schools to raise money with a raffle fundraiser.

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