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Having a Raffle Fundraiser is a Great Way For a Non-Profit to Raise Funds

2017 March 3
by Raffle Tickets

Non-profit organizations are always looking for ideas to enhance their fundraising efforts because their ability to help others in their community is based on donations.   To maximize sales holding a raffle fundraiser a non-profit organizations could use social media to advertise and provide prize incentives, create competition between companies in the community to out-buy each other, and provide a non-monetary prize for the group buying and selling the most raffle tickets.


Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snap Chat are used by thousands and can easily advertise the fundraiser and spread the word about the raffle. These media areas can be used to give information about the raffle such as where to buy tickets, friendly competition goals, and the purpose of the raffle fundraiser. A successful raffle should be based on showing others exactly what the fundraiser is for. This gives potential participants access to know what your goals and ideas are and feel like they are part of the success of your non-profit. Posting pictures through social media can enhance any raffle fundraiser. Pictures can be posted of the specific goal, a measurement tool showing how much has been raised vs the goal, and competition between businesses and individuals in the community on who has bought the most tickets as well as who has sold the most.

Most people love to win a competition, especially when the cause is for a community based non-profit organization which helps others less fortunate in the community. Create a friendly competition using social medial and a sign in front of the non-profit office to show who is participating and winning the raffle ticket sales for their business or organization.   Making something fun, such as adding an animated character on your social media pointing out who their best friend is based on the ticket sales. To get companies to participate, think about having a kick-off lunch, visit business owners to “sell” them on your goals for the raffle fundraiser and utilize your volunteer base to be the contact person for the companies they work for.

Offering non-monetary prizes and incentives is a great way to get businesses and individuals involved with a raffle fundraiser. Most people love to win a competition, especially when the cause is for a community based non-profit organization which helps others less fortunate in the community.   Prizes or incentives could be free advertisement on the non-profit website as well as social media pages, a sign in front of the non-profit office with the name or business logo, and individual fun awards. People love fun awards such as ‘Best effort to Sell Tickets’, ‘Most creative ticket activity’, etc. A plaque could also be created showing best seller/buyer every year and hung at the non-profit office as well as giving an individual or company their own plaque.

Having a raffle fundraiser is a great way for a non-profit organization to raise funds. A fundraiser can be successful by partnering with volunteers, individuals, and business organizations to buy and sell tickets for the raffle. People enjoy helping non-profit organizations because it is their way of helping those less fortunate in the community.

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