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How to Hold a Reverse Raffle Fundraiser

2014 February 24
by Raffle Tickets

We all know that raffles are a great way to raise needed funds for churches, schools, and non-profit organizations. But why hold an “ordinary” raffle?


Here’s a fun and different twist on traditional raffle fundraising that can bring excitement (and profit!) to your next fundraising event.

It’s called a “reverse raffle,” and holding one is as easy as 1-2-3.

To hold a reverse raffle, you will need: raffle tickets, raffle prizes, and a venue for holding the prize drawing.

The first thing you need to arrange for is what ten prizes you will offer. Make one prize a grand prize awarded to only one person. The second prize is one that can be awarded to ten people but equivalent to the total value of the grand prize.

Now find a venue where you can comfortably seat as many people as you plan on selling raffle tickets to. Of course you will need to have your custom printed raffle tickets list the date, time, and place of drawing. Also clearly mention that this is a reverse raffle and ticket holders must be present to win.

Now go sell your tickets!

At your raffle drawing event start drawing tickets and announce the tickets drawn. If you have sold a total of 200 tickets, the first 190 tickets selected are eliminated from the prize pool. Now have the last 10 ticket holders come sit in the first row.

Now draw the next 10 raffle tickets one at a time. The first 9 selected win the secondary prizes and the final ticket drawn wins the grand prize.

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