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Holding a Raffle With the Help of Custom Bobble Heads

2013 August 29
by Raffle Tickets

Custom bobble heads are fun to own. Be honest. You’ve had at least one bobble head doll in your whole life. This is because they’re very entertaining and it’s very easy to play with them. You can just display it on just about any table or shelf and just give the head a slight tap and it can easily draw a smile from you. There are a lot of ways on how you could have acquired one. There’s a good chance that you bought it since it’s very inexpensive. But there’s an even better chance that you got it for free. They’re usually given out as giveaways or promotional items.


This is why some people are thinking that it’s a good idea to use custom bobble heads for raffles. Raffles are one of the most supported contests of all time. This is because it’s fun to play in a raffle and people love to hope that they can get lucky and win in it. It also helps that raffle tickets are very cheap. We have this mentality that there’s no harm in joining raffles because tickets are inexpensive. There’s also the possibility that we’re actually going to win something. Win a house and lot, perhaps?

In addition, raffles are usually for a good cause. Some organizations and groups who support noble causes hold raffles in order to accumulate funds for the cause that they’re supporting. This is why they’re looking for ways on how to stir up support. It’s true that holding a raffle is already a good idea. However, you can create more excitement by putting up a bobble head doll strategy to complement the raffle.

There are a lot of ways on how you can do this. The easiest way is to give them out as “minor prizes”. You can put on the raffle ticket the number of custom bobble heads that will be given out as minor prizes. They’re very inexpensive so there’s really no problem in giving out hundreds, even thousands of them. People will see them as cool prizes because people think that they are very expensive. This is especially true if you’re going to have them made by a very good manufacturer. Let’s say that the raffle ticket is for a dollar each. You can highlight the fact that there’s a thousand bobble head doll prizes at stake. They’ll immediately think that the dollar is worth it just for the great chance of winning one.

If you prefer, you can give them out as giveaways to those who will buy tickets. For example, you can price the tickets a little higher but they’re going to get a bobble head doll with it. Another good strategy is to give one out if they buy a certain number of tickets. For example, give one for every booklet that they buy. You can also use this strategy as an incentive for those selling the tickets. They can get one for every booklet that they sell.

Best of all, you can design the custom bobble heads in such a way that they show what your organization is about. You can use them to send your message across. This way, you’ll also get additional support in addition to the financial support that you’ll get from the raffle tickets.

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