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Holding a Raffle in Kentucky

2012 June 12
by Raffle Tickets

Planning on holding a raffle in Kentucky? Here’s what you need to know when preparing to have your raffle tickets printed.
Your printed raffle tickets MUST contain at least the following information:

Date, time and location of the drawing

Organization’s name

Organization’s license number

Price of the ticket

Description of prize(s) (if valued over $500)

The tickets MUST have a perforation with matching sequential numbers on both ends.

The stub portion of the ticket MUST have a space for filling in: Name, address and phone number.

There is no requirement as to the size or the color of the tickets.

You can see a sample ticket (provided by the Kentucky Gaming Commission) here:

Additionally, the tickets MUST either be printed by a Resident (Kentucky) Printer or by a business registered to do business in Kentucky.

Our affiliate below is registered to do business in Kentucky.

For more information, visit the Kentucky Gaming Commission’s website:

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