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How to Fundraise For Your Children’s Charity

2012 November 5
by Raffle Tickets

If you want to raise more money for your favorite children’s charity than you can possibly come up with on your own, there are some incredibly rewarding ways to turn your mission into your community’s cause. By kicking up your personal efforts a notch and generating interest from your friends, neighbors, co-workers and even total strangers in your community, you can turn your small contribution into a very big donation.

There are a variety of ways individuals can raise money for their favorite children’s charities. Some of the most common and effective ways to go about this include:

Simply asking for money – Make sure your children’s charity of choice supports this mechanism for fundraising. If it does, chances are it will provide materials, such as fliers, or official fundraising materials to help you ask friends, family and others for straight donations.

Host a raffle drawingRaffles are an excellent way to raise awareness of and money for a particular children’s charity. If you don’t have a donated item of interest to raffle off for your charity, hold a 50/50 event. In this type of raffle, half the money collected goes to the charity and the other half goes to the winner of the drawing.

Sell fundraising items – Again, as long as the children’s charity of your choice offers assistance on this front, you can organize fundraising sales to boost local contributions. Candy bar, gift, lemonade and bake sales, for example, can generate interest in a charity and donations for it.

Fundraise over the Internet – There are Web sites that have been created specifically to help charities raise money online. Places like [] enable others to tap into the power of the Internet to raise money for good causes.

Host events – Fundraising events that are fun and rewarding are a great way to make money for your favorite charity. Host a dinner, a dance, a party or another similar event and use ticket proceeds to fund a charitable contribution. Sometimes local restaurants or clubs are willing to get in on the act and will donate a portion of their sales for the evenings to a charity of your choice. On the small scale, individuals can host parties within their homes to generate item donations for local children’s charities. Hosts can “charge” admission in the form of cash donations or items that might benefit the charity of choice, such as books for literacy programs or canned food for local shelters.

Auction off hot items – Charity auctions on the non-formal and formal levels can turn into big community events. To pull off a lucrative charity auction, call on local businesses to donate goods and/or services and auction off the items during a live or silent auction event. This can work as a fundraiser all on its own or as part of a bigger event, such as a charity dinner.

There are a number of ways individuals can get active and support their favorite charities. Holding fundraising events within an individual community is a great way to earn money or in-kind donations for a deserving organization. Just make sure your charity is on board with the effort and rely on its guidance. When performing localized fundraising, it is essential for potential donors to know the money raised will, in fact, benefit the organization in question.

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