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How to Get Raffle Tickets Printed for Free

2012 January 30
by Raffle Tickets

Would you like to hold a raffle for your organization’s fundraising event?

That’s awesome. A raffle is a brilliant way to raise money for your organization’s cause without a lot of hassle.

Among the expenses of managing a raffle is the price of printing the raffle tickets. Wouldn’t it be great if you could turn that “expense” into an opportunity by simply asking potential donors if they would help by covering the cost of printing the tickets?

Sometimes donors that can’t make a large prize donation will be more than willing to donate the cost of raffle ticket printing in exchange for promotional consideration printed on the ticket.

A lot of small business owners such as insurance agencies, lawyers, and medical professionals such as chiropractors will often have a budget for such promotions even though they may not able to donate actual prizes. These businesses will gain exposure in the community as a supporter of a worthwhile local organization.

When contacting the donor, have the particulars of the ticket printing on hand. Include the name or website of the printer so that you can show the potential donor just what they will be paying for. If you are meeting in person, bring an order form with you and have the donor write the check on the spot. Or, even simpler, simply direct them to your printer online, and order on the spot using the donor’s credit card.

That was easy!

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