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How to Hold a Raffle Fundraiser Videos

2013 November 12
by Raffle Tickets

Here’s a whole heap of fun videoes to encourage your next fundraiser to be a raffle fundraiser and to help it be a whopping success!

Fundraising Ideas | Raffle Fundraiser |

Looking for fundraising ideas for your non-profit organization? Consider holding a raffle fundraiser. Enjoy this humorous video of a raffle fundraiser as a f…

Raffle Fundraising | Let’s Have a Raffle Fundraiser |

With some awesome prizes, custom printed raffle tickets, and motivated volunteers to sell tickets, you have the basic elements in place to hold a simple, pro…

Raffle Tickets | How to Print Raffle Tickets |

Raffle tickets can be printed for your next fundraiser in one of several ways. Discover the best way to print your raffle tickets quickly, easily, and inexpe…

Raffle | How to Hold a Raffle Fundraiser |

A raffle is one of the simplest and easy ways to raise funds for your organization. Your raffle can be as easy as following the steps in this video to raffle…

Free Raffle Ticket Template | | How to Print Your Own Raffle Tickets Looking for a free raffle ticket template to print your own raffle tickets? Learn the best way to print your own raffle tickets …

Boost Business with Raffle Tickets | Raffle Tickets |

You don’t need to be a non-profit or charitable organization to get a bang out of raffle tickets. This video shows five ways to use custom printed raffle tic…

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