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How to Increase the Outcome of Your Raffle Fundraiser

2012 January 23
by Raffle Tickets

Do you want to increase the outcomes of your organization’s next raffle fundraising event?

Obviously you would like to!

The easiest method to increase your results would be to approach your fundraising event

just like a business.

Make use of the same methods a company uses to remain lucrative as well as your group will come across or exceed its financial targets easily.

So let’s have a look at a few of the actions a company uses to satisfy their financial targets.

Build Sales People

You need to constantly have people available selling your tickets. To enhance your results, have more volunteers for the organization. Request current volunteers to recruit a minimum of two more volunteers. Now you’re cooking!

Come with an Attractive Offer

Make certain that the fundraising event has common appeal. The big event ought to be fun and centered on your particular audience. Not to mention, the prize(s) should certainly rock!

Offer Discount rates

Everybody loves a good deal. Jump-start profits by providing an earlier-bird discount. You are able to offer discount rates on multiple raffle ticket purchases.


Partner track of other groups and non-profits. Search for methods to mix-promote one anothers fundraiser efforts. You realize – two heads are superior to one.

Seek Publicity

It’s free, it’s very easy, and delay pills work miracles. Submit a pr release to any or all relevant media. Make certain you condition the who, what, when, where, and why of the event. Hone-in around the human interest position the media and public craves and loves.


In case your organization includes a blog or website, use that because the hub of the online marketing activities. Facebook can also be a terrific way to promote.

Be Everywhere

You have to be constantly reaching to new people. The greater people you stand before, the greater (and much more lucrative.)

Look for new audiences and venues to market your raffle tickets. Setup a sales table at local grocery and major retail centers.

Should you run your fundraiser pursuits like a company, you’ll certainly increase your results.

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