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Inspiring and Engaging is the Key to a Great Raffle

2017 July 6
by Raffle Tickets

Raffle tickets get everyone involved. If you want to engage someone in a simple exciting activity a raffle is the way to go. Words are just words without action.
How many times have we been to fundraisers and they say things like, “If everyone gave $20 we would meet our goal.” But everyone doesn’t give.
A raffle is the way to put those words into action.

My proposal for maximizing the sales is by creating teams with color designated tickets. This way the raffle seller and the raffle buyer has a sense of pride, both representing each other. When a sale is made and a buyer knows they are representing someone along with buying a ticket for a cause and for a prize; the excitement is in the air. This would stimulate sellers to sell, if their color ticket is picked they too get a prize.

When a business brings this into their store how can they not feel part of a community? They don’t just buy a ticket and hope they win, they are made aware that they represent someone.
They stand for something.

Relationships are what keeps people coming back. Relationships are the base of loyalty.

I have been part of many raffles and they were all bland and boring except for one.

I was 9 years old and the room was filled with prizes. The money was being raised for a new Library and for a new play ground. Everyone dressed up in Hawaiian theme outfits as the prizes were beach themed. The biggest prize was a Kayak. I remember there was an electric buzz in the air. It was very competitive, people had been buying raffle tickets all week but the sales were still coming in. The Library is the largest part of the building and the play ground was of the best quality and safety ratings at the time.

The ability to enroll another person into your cause by being inspiring and engaging is the key to a great raffle.

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