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How to Maximize Raffle Ticket Sales

2014 March 6
by Raffle Tickets

Maximizing sales for raffles can be challenging. Non-profit organizations should focus first on members or customers, that are already prospects. There has to be a great reward on buying the tickets, that is key. The incentive must be great. Trips , tv’s, or massages are some of many great prizes. There has to be motivational value behind the raffle .You should give the ticket buyer the inside scoop of why they would love the prize. The prize should be something the average worker would like or want to use. The prize should be more then double the raffle prize. Most Americans don’t have or want to give up their extra money .Make it worth their while. The key to selling is working smarter then harder. Focusing your resources on what it takes to deliver the greatest return.


Advertising is essential. When selling raffle tickets always have signage and literature to prove the raffle is legitimate and how the prize looks. Always have photos available of the prize with date of drawing , website, or phone number where participants can get information about the organization. Classified Ads on the raffle can also promote sales. The internet is one of the best ways to sell tickets. There are so many social media websites that are good for advertising. Some having hundreds to thousands of friends willing to help. Non-profit organizations or church’s are the best organizations to receive help. That status can be an advantage.

When doing raffle tickets , you should know how much the tickets are worth. What have similar tickets sold for? Check for prices. The beauty of selling raffle tickets is that you can sell them across the country and mail them. You can put tickets on ,ebay. Telling family, friends and co-workers are also a great way and have them spread the word. Raffle tickets are one of the quickest ways to raise money for an event. The success of a fundraiser depends mostly on how much advertising. Try to always make connections in your community. Reach out to other non-profit organization for help or for tips. There may be other organizations that may want to add to your prize as a donation. It is a great resource. Sales should increase once you bundle as many items into the prize as possible. Offer free advertising in exchange for new donations.

Door to door sales has also been proven to be effective. Storefronts ,local shops and boutiques may let you post flyers. Know your audience. Sell to the right crowd. Selling bulk tickets can increase sales. Put yourself in the shoes of the ticket buyer. What would you like to pay ?What would you like to win? The goal is to increase the overall proceeds of the raffle.

To make a raffle successful you have to have motivated volunteers. Volunteers should understand that this is for a good cause. No raffle can be great without the right volunteers. The happier a volunteer are, the more productive they can be. Motivating them can be rewards or a simple thank you. Emphasize the importance of team work. Always praise and recognize accomplishments that volunteers has made to make the raffle successful.

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