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Numbering Raffle Tickets – 2 Numbers on a Ticket

2012 May 22
by Raffle Tickets

Organizations often hold a raffle with the winning numbers based on the state three number lottery.

Often we get a request to purchase 500 raffle tickets each with two sets of random numbers. Those numbers would include all possibilities of the “pick 3” state lottery (000-999). The ticket holder would have two chances to win for each raffle ticket he or she purchases.

Here are a couple of reasons why we don’t recommend this:

Producing these tickets is relatively expensive

The numbers have to be random on the raffle tickets for this to work. In order to be sure you have no duplicate (winning) numbers you have to literally write down each number for each raffle ticket (that’s 1000 numbers – a lot of work).

Here’s a much better, easier and cheaper way:

As an example, assume you were planning on selling your 500 tickets (each with 2 sets of numbers) for $5. It is much smarter to order 1000 tickets (each with 1 number set) instead. Instead of selling the tickets for $5 each, sell them 2 for $5 (you’ll raise exactly the same amount of money). 1000 standard raffle tickets will cost you less than half the price of 500 “2 number random tickets”.

Added bonus: Sell your tickets for $3 each or 2 for $5. You may have customers who wouldn’t spend $5 but will spend $3. You likely will raise even more money by making sales you would have missed.

Added bonus 2: Regular lottery players have numbers they like to play. Since the tickets will come to you in order, your buyers will be able to choose their favorite numbers. Instead of buying one ticket they might buy several (with their favorite numbers) resulting in even more money for your cause!

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