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Organizing Kids to Sell Raffle Tickets

2013 June 18
by Raffle Tickets

If you are organizing a raffle fundraiser for a school organization, sports club, or a church group, why not involve kids to help sell your raffle tickets?


Getting involved in a charity fundraiser can be a rewarding and educational experience for kids no matter the age group.

Before getting started, keep in mind that kids, just like anyone, need to be motivated in order to be at their most productive.

Follow these nine steps to help your group stay motivated and inspired so that your raffle fundraiser can be a whopping success:

Rally Your Team

Before you organize anything, get your fundraising team together and have a good discussion about the fundraising event. It could be like an open forum where everyone shares ideas and thoughts on what they would like to get out of the experience.

Set Goals

It’s crucial to have a target amount that you would like to raise at the fundraising event. When selling raffle tickets, you could set a certain number of tickets that each kid is aiming to sell. Just make sure that you don’t set the goal too high or you will set your kids up for a disappointment.

Have a Rewards Program

If you have set up goals for each child to reach, like a certain number of raffle tickets or ticket books per child, then you can organize special prizes for those sell the most.

Teach Them the Ropes

Make sure that you take some time to go over possible scenarios and practice ways to present the who, what, when, where, and why of your fundraising event. This will boost confidence and help them get excited about the process of helping.

Set a Deadline

Even though the real deadline is the day of the event when the winning raffle tickets will be drawn, there are opportunities to create mini-milestones. At the half point have the kids share their sales results to date, and offer encouragement for their accomplishments.

Organize Individual Prizes for Each Child

Having too many events or fundraising incentives will be confusing to children. Pick one thing and focus all your efforts on that.

Organize Individual Prizes for Each Child

While a bit of friendly competition can be fun and motivating, make sure the kids understand that everyone’s effort is appreciated, whether or not they sold the most.

Encourage Team Work

Encouraging teamwork is a good way to motivate everyone to pull together towards the end goal.

Reward Your Young Volunteers

When all is said and done, everyone likes to be appreciated for their hard work. So set up a party or special outing to end the fundraising venture on a positive note.

Follow these tips and your young selling team will be motivated, focused, and excited to achieve great fundraising success!

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