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Planning a Raffle? Keep These Things in Mind

2017 April 12
by Raffle Tickets

Non-profit organizations such as churches, clubs, and sports teams can highly benefit from holding raffle fundraisers. Not only would they make money to continue funding the organization, these organizations would also get the community involved and possibly increase participation in the organization. Raffles are great fundraisers and there are many ways to make sure that an organization’s raffle will be successful. Some of these ways include maximizing the sales of raffle tickets, having prizes that encourage ticket sales, and making sure the volunteers are motivated to sell tickets.


The first issue concerning organizations that are planning a raffle fundraiser is “How are we going to sell tickets?!” Luckily for them, this is not a hard issue to address. One of the main things an organization should do to encourage ticket sales is to keep the prices of tickets reasonable. Even though the organization wants to make a profit, they must keep in mind that most people will not be willing to pay outrageous amounts of money for a chance at winning a prize. Keeping the prices low will encourage people to take a risk in purchasing a ticket. Another way to encourage ticket sales is to get the information out to the public that a raffle will be taking place. This can be accomplished by posting flyers around town in high-traffic areas. The information on the flyers should have the price of the tickets, who to buy them from, and when the raffle will be taking place. Social media is also helpful in this area. Make a Facebook page or a website for your organization and have all of the information there.

One burning question organizations usually have is what kind of prizes to have. This may be the most important part of the raffle experience. Having awesome prizes is a surefire way to sell a lot of tickets. The prizes should assure the raffle contestants that it will be worth their time and money to buy a ticket. Some good examples of prizes are the following: free meals from restaurants, t-shirts with the organizations name, goody baskets with food and candy, gift cards, phone cases, books, and movies. Also, if the organization has some extra cash they can spend, more expensive items such as music players, tablets, and laptops can be included. Items like those will increase participation and encourage people to buy tickets.

Another important part of a raffle is to have volunteers that are motivated to sell as many tickets as possible. One way to do this is to make sure the volunteers know why they need to sell tickets and why it will be to their benefit. For example, a baseball team has used the same uniforms for years and years. The uniforms are getting old and stained and the boys often comment on how they wish they had newer ones. The organization can tell the boys that if they sell enough tickets, they can use the money to pay for new uniforms. Another way is to give prizes or promotions to the volunteers who sell the most tickets. They will definitely be motivated by that.

Organizations who are planning a raffle fundraiser should keep all of these things in mind. If they implement these ideas, they are sure to have a successful raffle that will raise money and increase participation in the organization.

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