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How to Get Prizes for Your Raffle

2012 February 27
by Raffle Tickets

If you’re planning to have a raffle, two things are obvious; you’ll need to have raffle tickets to sell and a great prize or prizes.

Soliciting raffle prize donations for your non-profit organization can be easily done if you start looking in the right places.

The first step is to survey your organization’s members for a contribution to the prize pool. There’s also a good chance they know of someone, or a business that can make an awesome prize available.

Just know that people want to be generous and that giving to a worthy cause is good business. Businesses know of the immense value of having their name attached to a good cause.

Here are a few tips to helping you find great prizes for your next raffle event:

• Have raffle committee members reach out to their contacts, associates and friends.

• Ask your members and volunteers to suggest possible donors that they may know personally. Ask them to make the contact.

• Ask local businesses that have some relation to the raffle event or organization or that sell to the demographic of event attendees.

• Work with related organizations and ask if they can suggest donors for your raffle prizes.

• In addition to a raffle prize ask for support items such as goody bags, stickers, etc.

• Mention that gift certificates are great prizes.

• Soliciting via email can save time but you may want to send a letter depending on the donors comfort level with email.

• Follow up is critical

Make sure your donors know that they will receive recognition for their generosity in all of your printed material, website, and at the live event.

So what’s stopping you now? Just do it!

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