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Raffle Rewards

2017 February 9
by Raffle Tickets

Businesses use raffles, and other things of this nature, to not only reward their employees and customers for choosing them, but also to provide a sort of unspoken agreement between the two. By providing promotional raffles, these businesses and those who partake in the raffle, employees and customers alike, are forming a sort of bond. The business is expressing its gratitude to its customers and employees by presenting an additional gift to them. The employees and customers are, on the other hand, accepting this gift while also demonstrating their passion for that particular business.


Not only do raffles incite these particular feelings, but they also induce hope. Humans are creatures of curiosity, adventure, and hopefulness. We strive to be successful in all that we do, which often pushes us to take risks. Thus, when businesses require a certain fee for a particularly luxurious prize, people are often willing to put their value in the chance that they could win something marvelous above the cost of losing a few dollars if they do not.

My economics teacher once talked about value and cost. If a person finds enough value in something, they are willing to cover the cost for that which they value. Raffles incite not only the prize at the end, but also hope, and with this particular hope, a sort of adrenaline.

Raffles are sort of like slots; you put money in hoping to be rewarded with something greater, whether it be cash or prize. As you put that dollar into the slot, something pulses through you: hope, adrenaline, and the opportunity to win it all. Raffles can have the same effect on people.

By having raffles, businesses are inciting these enjoyable emotions in people. Consequently, if the business were to have a raffle every few months or so, their customers would be more likely to stick with them to continue to have that opportunity to win it all.

The first time my grandmother entered those raffles, however, she had no intention of being the winner. She expected a loss due to the amount of people also in the pot, but is that not what makes winning so much more exciting? As her name was called, not for one but for two raffles, my grandmother was shocked. Hope is especially incited within us when we expect negative results and receive positive ones. Being a person who never wins raffles, I often expect to lose, but there is still this tiny inkling of hope within me that thinks I could be lucky enough to win. This inkling pushes me to buy a ticket or two just to have a chance. Many people feel this way as well. Consequently, the businesses will gain revenue for the amount their tickets are worth, but they also gain something much bigger: loyalty.

By having raffles periodically, employers are able to show their customers that they care. When my school had raffles at certain sporting events it provided the student body with an excitement and more readiness to come to games. The games were not just about the players anymore, but also about us fans. This is how businesses can use raffles. If businesses use raffles to prove to their customers that they are vital and necessary parts to their machine of business, then the customers will feel needed and become more loyal.

People like to feel needed, desired, and showed this feeling of care. When businesses use raffles, they show their customers that they care.

This care is all that they truly need to incite loyalty in their customers and workers alike.

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