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Raffle Tickets to Boost Your Business

2012 April 2
by Raffle Tickets

You don’t have to be a non-profit or charitable organization to get a big benefit out of raffle tickets.

More and more businesses are ordering raffle tickets that have been custom printed in order to promote, capture leads, and drum up excitement for their businesses.

Check out the following five different ways to use custom printed raffle tickets to boost your business:

Trade Shows: Raffle tickets are a great way to boost excitement about your product, service, and brand at a trade show. Promote a cool prize(s) and you’ll see how easy it is to capture prospect’s contact information. This is the perfect way to begin a marketing dialog with prospects.

Customer Loyalty: Have a monthly raffle with a free ticket and your business will benefit from stronger customer loyalty. This also gives your current customers a reason to visit more often. Be certain to get an e-mail address and keep in contact with special deals, offers, and announcements.

Discount Coupons: Have your raffle tickets custom printed as a coupon. Hand them out as a complimentary ticket to try your service and or product. Wow them with your product/service and have a customer for life.

Referral Card: This is an easy way to get your customers working for you. Give custom printed tickets to your current customers and when they refer someone, they get a premium, such as a discount on future purchases, or a valued prize. You’re only limited by your imagination in structuring a profitable referral program.

Parking Ticket: You don’t have to be the police department to hand out parking tickets. These can also be a source of profit for your business if you are able to charge for parking if it is at a premium, or for a special event.

Let us know about other ways you can think of (or have used) using a custom printed raffle ticket to promote and enhance your business.

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