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Raffle Tickets – Choose the Number From Your Own Selection

2012 February 17
by Raffle Tickets

Imagine the thrill of purchasing tickets that are meant for fundraising and winning a lovely gift for yourself or a loved one. Now imagine winning a gift that you have wanted all this while and at the same time have arrest of mind in that you are spending will go towards charity and help someone or some cause. If that is your idea of a great way of fund raising, then raffle draws are the thing for you.

Raffle ticketing is basically a fund raising game that is a combination of lottery and a lucky draw. Basically, tickets with numbers imprinted on them are sold to customers and another set of tickets is drawn randomly. The number that corresponds with the lucky number drawn will win a random prize or a prize that has originally predetermined. Prizes can range from small items such as sweet bags and chocolates all the way to large prizes such as cars, laptops and even motorcycles.

Now, with such great prizes out there, how does one ensure that they can have the best chance in winning? Here are a few tips:

Purchase tickets before anyone else does

Though it is easier said than done, this is one of the best methods in getting the best out of raffles. Try to be updated with current fund raising activities and charity works and keep track with their prizes. Though this may be cheesy and weird for some, the results might be surprising. After getting the preferred event and raffle sales, purchase as many numbers as you can and wait. Some events are unique in where they allow customers to book tickets at an early stage. Some online websites are also into raffles sales and they do allow buyers to choose their own numbers, as long as it is still available.

Try online sites rather than the traditional offline purchases

Online raffles sales are rather new in the world of raffle ticketing and are uncommon still in most places. Nevertheless, they do provide great opportunities to purchase tickets that are charity based and have great prizes. For instance, recently on online raffles, vacation giveaways and spring bed giveaways are getting popular and are quite the deal. Try purchasing these tickets and give it a shot. Though the process of getting the prize might be complicated as most giveaways are situated in other countries, some companies do offer negotiation of substitute prizes or even delivery of prizes at a cost.

Search, search and keep on searching

If you still can not come up with a good raffle program or raffle ticket sales, be patient. Invest in small raffle sales just to get a hang of it and then keep on searching. Using the internet search engine can sometimes be rewarding, but diligence and hard work are required. After all, a vacation or a new car in return for a blessing into a charity for kids or for foundations that help a cause is always satisfying. As the saying goes, raffle tickets are truly hitting two birds with one stone.

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