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Raffle Tickets Non-Profit News and Tips – March 30, 2012

2012 March 30
by Raffle Tickets

Here are some great tips and ideas for non-profit fundraising along with a dash of news from the non-profit world.

Raffle Prize Ideas for Fundraisers, February 08, 2012 12:58:30 PM

A well-run raffle with the right grand prize can raise incredible amounts of money for your school, church, or charity. Most groups underestimate how much money a raffle can raise. You can easily raise ten thousand with a simple raffle, tens of thousands with a desirable prize such as a new car, and hundreds of…

Survey: Church Giving Is Rebounding

www.thenonprofittimes.comTuesday, March 27, 2012 4:10:36 PM

Churches are experiencing a resurrection in parishioner generosity. The fourth annual “State of the Plate,” survey found that 51 percent of the 1,360 churches contacted experienced an increase in giving during 2011 compared to 2010.

Giving to churches has been on the rise since 2009, when 35 percent of churches reported an increase and 38 percent reported a decrease. In 2010, 43 percent saw an increase, while 39 percent reported a decrease. Last year, only 32 percent of the surveyed churches reported a decrease in giving. Seventeen percent saw no change in 2011.

The study was conducted by MAXIMUM generosity of Denver, Colo., Christianity Today, in Carol Stream, Ill., and the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) in Winchester, Va.

Some 55 percent of churches in “Heartland” states — Montana, Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, Kansas and Nebraska — reported increases in giving. The Pacific Coast lagged behind with 38 percent seeing a decrease in giving.

While the vast majority of respondents (92 percent) still pass around an offering plate during service, electronic methods of giving continue to grow. Electronic fund transfers (ETF) and website donations were both just behind annual envelope packets at 45 percent, 42 percent and 41 percent respectively. Cell phone apps (used by 7 percent of churches) and giving kiosks (3 percent) both made an appearance in the survey, though neither was nearly as widespread as EFTs and web-based giving.

So-called “megachurches,” those with 2,000 or more weekly attendants, reported the biggest gains: 72 percent of churches with between 2,000 and 4,999 attendees reported gains, 77 percent of churches with weekly attendance numbering 5,000-10,000 reported gains, and 86 percent of those with more than 10,000 in attendance per week reported increases in giving. Just 39 percent of churches with fewer than 100 attendees saw an increase in giving in 2011. Half of the churches that reported increases said it was because of increased attendance. The number one reason cited for decreases was the economy.

More than half of the churches increased their budgets in 2011. Some 40 percent gave pay raises, 36.5 percent increased funding for missions, and 35.3 percent added to their facilities maintenance budget. Only 6 percent decreased their budgets for staff pay.

Churches are becoming more transparent with their finances. Most churches now make financial statements (92 percent) and annual budgets (89 percent) available upon request.

Don’t Forget Your $1,000 Gifts, October 17, 2011 10:00:53 AM

Every organization understands the value of their very top 20 donors. It is easy to see the importance of a $10,000 annual donor. Many organizations have a cut-off as to when the “major gift” starts; often times this is $1,000. Don’t forget the value of those donors that are right at and right before that [...]

Cause-Related Marketing


Find out the great things about cause marketing and some of the pitfalls.

Weston facility hosts fundraisers to help nonprofit – Sun-Sentinel

Sun-SentinelWeston facility hosts fundraisers to help nonprofitSun-SentinelThe idea was born during a family vacation in Switzerland. “There is that dark cloud over you, certainly, when you have late-stage cancer,” Wolff said. “On this trip, I was as …

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