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Raffle Tickets Printed for Free? Here’s How

2012 October 12
by Raffle Tickets

Let’s say that you want to have a raffle for your church, school or organization to raise much-needed funds for a special project.

That’s totally cool. A raffle is a wonderful way to generate funds for your cause without a lot of hassle.

One of the few “expenses” of holding a raffle is going to be the cost of custom printing the raffle tickets. But what if you were able to turn that “expense” into an opportunity by simply appealing to potential donors and asking them if they would help by covering the cost of printing?

Often donors that cannot make a major prize donation will be more than happy to donate the cost of raffle tickets in exchange for promotional consideration printed on the ticket.

Many small businesses such as insurance agencies will often have a budget for such promotions even though they may not able to donate actual prizes. They will gain exposure in the community as a supporter of a worthwhile cause.

When contacting the donor, have the details of the ticket printing on hand. Include the name of the printer’s website so that you can show the donor exactly what they will be paying for. If you are meeting in person you can bring an order form with you and have the donor write the check right then. Or even easier, just direct them to your printer online, and order raffle tickets on the spot using the donor’s credit card.

And there you have it. Free raffle tickets.

No muss. No fuss.

And everyone’s a winner!

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