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Raffles and Business Truly Go Hand in Hand

2017 July 18
by Raffle Tickets

Marketing and business truly go hand in hand. Businesses need to be involved with their community to truly succeed and along with that come marketing. Utilizing a raffle in a businesses market is a great tool to entice people to get involved with business. Raffling can be a great way to build a strong customer base and maximize retail goals. Raffling puts a good or service in someone’s hand that may have never considered that originally. It opens up to an untapped market and it’s fun!
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There are many ways to grow a costumer base when it comes to business. For example, a salon is solely depended on its physical costumers. When a cosmetologist first starts their career, it can be very scary because the customer base is non existent at that time. Referrals, great service, and actual skill will help build a clientele but marketing is often an overlooked essential part of building a business.

Marketing can come in many forms whether it be word of mouth, advertising, or raffling. Word of mouth is always good because it builds a strength in the customer. That customer walks in with confidence that you have the service they need. Advertising is a great way to present yourself to the masses. Raffling brings a whole different angle to the party. Raffling invites every single person to become part of your “community.” Raffling can be fun and exciting. In the salon senario, you could raffle off free services which in turn will get customers in your chair, and they might be customers who might not be in your chair otherwise strictly for reasons like maybe they didn’t know you exsisted! But when a person randomly wins a raffle, let’s say for a free haircut, now this client will sit in the chair and learn just where your experience lies. Raffling includes the regular person and opens a businesses door to all
Of those people.

Raffling can help retain clients even further. Let’s use this same salon scenario. One of the salons biggest incomes is retail. Retail is hard to sell sometimes in a salon invironnt to because it can be costly. Retail is so critical to solidify the longevity of a service. If a stylist gives a beautiful vibrant red color to a client and the client goes home and washes her hair with something she had purchased “over the counter” the color can be automatically broken down and dulled. That client may not be happy with the service or the business at that point because it’s hard for customers to understand that retail and professional predicts are there to maximize the service. People often do not feel it is “worth it” to spend the money. Raffling off products to your current customer base, and honestly everyone can really help the business. Not only can it get the client wanting a product that will maximize the color service but if that client does win the raffle, then they will truly experience the difference, hence created a new retail customer. Raffling products works that way almost every time. It helps out what the client thinks they cannot afford in their hands and showing them that it is no longer a want, but a need.

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