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Raise Money for Medical Expenses with a Raffle

2012 February 3
by Raffle Tickets

Here’s the scenario. Suddenly you or a loved one is unexpectedly faced with a daunting medical problem which then results in equally daunting medical bills.

I’m sure you’ve seen those jars in grocery stores and markets with the photo of a little child and a sign soliciting donations toward a medical treatment. What do you do when a major surgery or other medical procedure is not covered by your insurance?

The first thing you need to do is take stock of all of your options.

After exhausting your health insurance benefits, find out about how other organizations that may be able to help:
Hospital Aid: Speak with “social services” whose function it is to help patients with financial aid and other post-discharge services.

Non-profit Healthcare: Talk to your physician about the availability of non-profit clinics that might be able to help with treatment.

Non-profit Organizations: Get in touch with local charities and food-banks that can offer stop-gap assistance. Research charities that are set up to assist patients with specific medical problems.

Church Assistance: Let your local churches know what is happening. Many times, churches are more than willing to help out, even if you don’t attend.

Government Agencies: Your social services liaison at the hospital may be able to guide you to available government assistance.

Family stay: If an out-of-town hospital stay is required, find out if there is a Ronald McDonald House nearby. They can offer free or low-cost accommodations to help ease financial burdens.

Get Help with a Fundraiser

Fundraising events such spaghetti dinners with a raffle can also be a good way to raise money. All you need are raffle tickets, prizes, and volunteers to sell the raffle tickets. As with all fundraising events it is important to get just about every thing donated, and even more so when you are fundraising for an individual – food, location, decorations, and prizes. Ask around and you’ll be amazed at how helpful people will be to your cause.

Lastly, make it as easy as possible for people to donate. Have as many ways as possible for people to help the family that is in need of money for their medical expenses. Explain how donations can be made and include your contact information on all materials.

Be aware that donations that are given to an individual and not a registered charity are not a tax deductible contribution. It is best to let people know upfront that their donation is going to an individual and therefore there is no tax benefit for them.

Now what’s stopping you? Start planning a medical-expenses assistance raffle today.

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