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Raise the Stakes and Start the Raffle

2017 April 18
by Raffle Tickets

Non-profit organizations have proven every year that individual charitable donations have given the biggest chunk of money to organizations world wide; keeping their expenses from going under. These configurations know the ins and outs to fundraising and motivating the people to help out by getting the community involved: by putting up flyers on websites, in businesses, letting people know what the product/ organization is and why they should help, and be apart of the fundraiser.

Many non-profit organizations do all kinds of fundraisers but one fundraiser that brings the crowds most of the time are the raffle ticket fundraisers. Raffle tickets can either be a straight miss or a great profit it all depends on the work you put in with selling the tickets; if no one sells the tickets then you are guaranteed to not make profit from them. some ways to benefit from the raffle ticket is to have a game plan.

First gather volunteers from your organization, Motivate everyone to make the sell by giving incentives for reaching a certain goal, tell the community about the raffle ticket and let them know of a grand prize with there help of the fundraiser, and as well thanking everyone who participated in the fundraiser.

For example lets say a softball group needs to go to Colorado for the Nationals but everyone who plays comes from a low-income household. So the coach throws a raffle ticket fundraiser at one of the softball games. Usually you want to outline a plan and gather all the coaches to help organize the raffle ticket someone is responsible for the money, another for the raffle tickets, and buying the prizes. The main coach with give all the softball players ten tickets and let them know who ever sales the most tickets get a new softball bag. This not only gives you your volunteers but as well as motivates everyone who is selling the tickets as well.

Now to raise the stakes and start the raffle the softball players will go all around the community knocking on doors with a Q card. Which explains the reason for the raffle, how this raffle will help/ benefit all the kids, as well as let them know that there is a grand prize and explain that with their help there giving there organization the opportunity to go to nationals. The coaches will gather all the kids up and see who sold the most tickets by the end of the week and hand out the top three kids a new softball bag. Then that Friday while the kids are playing there game before the Nationals they will put all the tickets in a big bucket and have two random kids go and pull a ticket out of the bucket and will call out the two winners.

Giving one two tickets to the movies and another a gift card to dinner; and letting everyone know that from the organization to all they are very thankful for every donation that was given.

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