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Selling Raffle Tickets From a Storefront

2014 February 7
by Raffle Tickets

Yes -  it’s obvious; for a fundraiser to be successful, you need to sell your raffle tickets.


Here’s a strategy you may have not considered – but should!




It’s the “real estate” strategy. One of the best ways for small and large organizations alike to sell raffle tickets is to set up a table at the entrance to a high-traffic location such as a large store or shopping mall.


Thankfully, this is fairly easy to pull off.


The first thing you need to do is talk to the owner or manager of the location. Present them with the cause you’re raising funds for as well as simply ask them for permission to set up a table.  (Get them on your side, and they may even be willing to help out with some sort of matching donation.)


Aim for times when lots of people will be visiting the location. For instance, if you’re setting up shop at a grocery store, sell tickets on Saturday afternoon or around rush hour during the week when people are making a quick stop for groceries on their way home.


Once you’ve gotten permission to sell, design your stand for success. Make clear, easy-to-read signs on all sides of the table from which large numbers of people are likely to approach. Most people will make the decision to buy or not before ever approaching the table. Explain the cause you’re raising money for as well as the cool prizes. Ask for people’s help.


Finally, make sure whoever volunteers to help sell has a cheery disposition and enthusiasm for the cause. People are much more likely to approach and buy from a happy volunteer than a gloomy employee who’s been roped into it.


We wish you great success in your “real estate” venture!

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