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The Key To A Successful Raffle

2016 October 29
by Raffle Tickets

Nonprofit organizations have money to support their cause largely due to donations but the drawbacks with that is that the organization must depend on the kind hearts and financial stability of the person at hand. Fundraisers are another way of gaining an income for the worthy cause. The downside is the organization has to put money out before hand and risk not making a profit or only making a small profit. Raffle tickets allow the organization to draw in donators with the promised prize before the prize is actually bought. No down payment is required before the promise of revenue is seen. Before this can be achieved, donators have to be drawn to the desirable prize to maximize sales and volunteers must put raffle tickets.



The key to a successful raffle is participation from potential ticket buyers. Without their participation, there is no money collected for the cause. Tickets have to be easily accessible. People will buy tickets without an immediate want for the winner’s prize because of the good cause; however, most people will not go out of their way because of the inconvenience. For example, if a person is driving and Thon collectors are on the sidewalk, the chances of the driver donating to this group of people are much greater than the driver driving to Penn State main campus to donate. Sellers must make the tickets readily available to have a successful drawing.


Once tickets are made available, potential buyers solely interested in the prize must desire it. People aren’t going to pay $50 worth of tickets for a $5 shirt if their reason for participating is to win a prize with no care towards the cause. Large companies often donate an item as their prize or money towards the prize if their name is shown in support of the organization. This would minimize the amount of money spent on the awarded prize so more money would go where it is needed. Also, second and third place prizes would attract more people because the chances of winning something is increased, but again, the prizes must be wanted if people are to participate.


Ideally, volunteers would participate in selling raffle tickets because they find the cause worthy. Unfortunately, this world isn’t ideal and even volunteers want something to reward their hard work. Offering desirable prizes to the top few raffle ticket sellers would motivate them to push their ticket sales and increase participation in both potential buyers and volunteers. Many people only volunteer for community service hours so equating the number of tickets with volunteer hours would ensure a certain amount of tickets sold, also. Volunteers need motivation to participate because, otherwise, their progress will remain stagnant. Offering a reward is always a great motivation.


Nonprofit organizations must understand the key to raffle drawings in order to be successful. Ticket accessibility, volunteer motivation, and potential buyer bait increase the chances of a profitable raffle drawing. Little money-spent and much of it gained are the products of a drawing done correctly. Like everything, something must be put into the effort for success. This time, however, it won’t be much needed money to start the process of revenue.


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