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The Most Vital Factor for Fundraising Are the “Fund-Raisers”

2017 May 4
by Raffle Tickets

Throughout all of history we all know money is necessary for surviving. Commuting, eating daily meals, bills and the roof over your head all cost money. In today’s times, living with luxuries can be costly: which is why it is even pricier to maintain a non- profit organization. This unfortunate position is what makes leaders have to come up with low-cost and convenient ways to raise money for their cause. A good way to fundraise is to hold raffles because they are fast, cheap, and convenient.

Non- profit organizations, such as congregations and sports teams, have needs in order to keep them running. Fundraising becomes important because in most cases, money is a limited factor. Naturally, raffles seem like a good idea because the only expense would be purchasing the actual tickets. Organizations could simply ask for donations such as clean instruments or functional electronics and then raffle them off. Having good prizes (donated or bought) would increase ticket sales: mainly because most people like interesting prizes, the thrill of a “game of chance” and winning.

The goal of raffle fundraising is to sell all the raffle tickets, in order to gain enough profit. The key to maximizing ticket sales is to take full advantage of opportunities to sell tickets. Location is crucial: selling at grocery stores, city events, and schools can easily increase the number of tickets purchased. It is also important to sell tickets at the right price (not too cheap and not too expensive). In addition to, holding the raffle long enough to ensure that the majority of tickets are sold. Last but not least, it is a good idea to remind buyers that they are giving for a good cause because it gives off a sense of accomplishment knowing that they did something noble and moral.

The most vital factor for fundraising are the “fund-raisers.” Driven salesmen are what get crowds encouraged to buy what they are selling. It is said that attitudes are contagious, so motivated attitudes motivate and slow attitudes slow. This is why it is important to keep sellers on the team motivated. Remind your team that all the work focused on fundraising is all for the good cause. Planning is always a good habit, which is why it is a good idea to set up meetings to check on the progress of sales and job duties. Setting goals can also motivate sellers to working harder. Another optional method is to offer a gift certificate to the “Top Seller.”

Raffle fundraising is an easy way to raise money for non- profit organizations. Raffles are easy to hold and cheap to have. Ideas for good prizes can be working electronics or instruments in good condition. In order to sell enough tickets, organizations have to consider the locations on where to sell, the price and the time- length of the raffle. However, the key to a successful raffle fundraiser is to have a motivated and driven team of sellers and promoters. Overall, non- profit organizations should have raffle

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