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Your Church Can Maximize the Sales of Raffle Tickets

2017 September 2
by Raffle Tickets

Creating lasting relationships and helping others really gives meaning to life. Since building a connected community is an integral goal of any church organization, we should all strive as a group to find new and innovative ways to bring ourselves together and motivate others to get involved. This is one of the reasons that I believe having raffles can be a valuable tool when it comes to increasing community participation and nurturing that creative spark.

One constructive way a church could maximize the sales of raffle tickets would be to offer a percentage of the raffle sales to the top sellers to donate to the charity of their choice. This humanitarian cause, while helping others, would give participants a reason to feel supportive of the cause. It would get the right people involved who want to support both their church and those in need. In addition to providing encouragement to reach others, it would also get the name of the church out in the community.

The raffle itself could be a ticket to an event where admittance enters the ticket holder into a prize drawing. Local businesses are often happy to support charitable causes by offering gift cards. This would excite people about the prospect of getting a tangible gift while bringing more business to the companies. The meat of the raffle event itself is definitely important to selling the idea. While serious activities are plausible, things like plays and concerts, I think having a fun and involved event would be more family oriented. I like the idea of hosting a carnival style event with different games and stations around the building. Having various activities throughout the church would hold peoples interest and give the opportunity for all ages to find enjoyment.

Another potentially colossal tactic for increasing exposure would be to host youth group volunteer events where the youth have the audience of the community. For example, putting on a concert at a local park or providing a free car wash gives the opportunity to offer a raffle event to people. Being able to present oneself as a charitable organization will inevitably attract other charitable individuals who also strive to be a part of a larger effort.

As far as where the proceeds would best be utilized, I’m fond of the idea of using it to uplift parts of the community most in need. That being said, it should be used to reach out to the youth in underprivileged neighborhoods. One of the most constructive investments we can make is in insuring our youth are set in the right direction and giving them positive influences. Sometimes all that is needed to inspire hope is to give the kids somebody to look up to. While this would establish the opportunity for members to act in leadership positions leading different youth group activities, it would more importantly help keep kids off the streets and away from gangs.

While there are people all over that differ in many ways, we are all in this together. For this reason it is to all of our benefits that we work as one to create the community we would like to live in. Raffle events can be an effective tool for bringing more mindfulness to society. They can be used to foster inspiration and build a better world. All it takes is a little imagination.

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